COVID-19 Disclosure and Index

This post contains a list of my Coronavirus (COVID-19) posts.
Please read my disclosure below.

My posts can be found here:

Data for my posts can be found at:

You can also see a list of my posts here:


I do not have a medical background or qualifications in the health area.

Although I taught full-time for over 21 years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Health at AUT University, back to when it was known as ATI, my work involved teaching computer skills to students within the faculty.

I have degrees in mathematics. I have taught at several tertiary institutions and secondary schools.

My posts include relatively simple mathematics that hopefully the public may be able to follow.

The opinions expressed are my own.


Below is a list of my Coronavirus (COVID-19) posts up until this morning
(11 March):

Alan Grace
11 March 2020

I share my posts at:

How can a Coronavirus out-spread from 5 to 368 people in 5 Cycles (Credit: The New York Times)?

If 5 people with new coronavirus can impact 2.6 others, then 5 people could be sick after 1 Cycle, 18 people after 2 Cycles, 52 people after 3 Cycles and so on. See:


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