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“The Lonely Painting” by Jude Griebel ? how to live in a world no longer your own where your values are trashed and your ethics are gnashed in the merciless jaws of effete intellectual solipsists aiming for ignorant progress deluded new dogmas commissioned intolerance framing ad hominem scathing indictments…

Two-Cornered Rooms

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
“Relativity” by M C Escher impossible spaces absurd of dimension beyond the delimiting rational mind constructed unconsciously negative volume containing the everything known to be nothing my never-lived lives here unfold in their follow of unfounded precepts truths built out of lies shaped to suit imperceptible visions of futures…

A black day

It was a black day when ads started appearing on my top screen in my blog (when I wasn’t logged in to WordPress). I had a minimal header and header post so that my latest post could be seen on the first page. No ads here It is really mean and obscene Ads to insert…

Strut proudly

There are two versions below of a poem (and a number of options). Which version do you prefer? Strut proudly On the fridge of the Escher queen Her grandson’s art picture was seen On well-crafted hands A mirrored orb stands

The artful word-nerd

The artful word-nerd A dame pupils named a brain egghead or nerd A claim not academically absurd Under full pressure to start work Wonderful Escher new artwork


Surreal Should surreal Escher structures engage Impossible pics from another age Could trompe d’oeil foil all my eye Or promptly spoil I wonder why

I love Escher’s work

I love Escher’s work where the finite, infinite, and impossible coalesque. View more in Google