COVID Odyssey: Deep Spring Clean ~ When will the next wave come?

Sick to death of Gutenberg

How long ’til Gutenberg’s due
WordPress please give me a clue
We will need a strong pill
Delay’s making me ill
Guess it’s now long overdue

Alan Grace
24 June 2020

This page has been set up early before the new WordPress editor (Gutenberg) is forced upon me. It is already over three weeks overdue.

This page may be updated when it is spring in New Zealand (September/October).

In the meantime, have a look at my COVID-19 findings (COVID-19 appears to be at least twice as infectious as most people and the WHO expect):

Also have a look at the contents:

It is not a matter of if there will be another wave of COVID-19 in New Zealand.
It is a matter of when will the next wave will arrive.
It may have already started.


Is WordPress going too far forcing Gutenberg upon us fans who only want the Classic Editor fixed up?

Is this deep spring clean going too far?


Jan Beaumont Poetry
May the Best Man Win

By Jan Beaumont ©️

Every day we would watch TV One
When Jacinda and Ashley appeared
They’d give us the news about COVID-19
And we hoped it was not what we feared.

But day after day the new cases increased
And lockdown we all had to face
And we listened to news from the rest of the world
And were glad that we lived in this place.

We all stayed at home and we followed the rules
At least that’s what most of us thought
Yet one front line person decided that he
could do just as he liked … and was caught!

It wasn’t just once that this guy thumbed his nose
Thought one rule for us, one for him
He went to the beach, then a ride on his bike
Which just made him look terribly dim.

Somehow he survived as the times were so tough
But again he made everyone cuss
When instead of accepting he’d not done his job
He threw Ashley right under the bus.

And Ashley’s a man who had fronted each day
Who’d been there through thick and through thin
And we weren’t going to take it, someone had to go
And we all said it sure won’t be him.

But now we’ve come through it, the rulebreaker’s gone
We’ve all breathed a sigh of relief
And Ashley can now take a well deserved break
He’s more than completed his brief!


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