COVID-19: NZ has moved down to Level 2. Happy L2 4U!

At 11.59 last night, New Zealand moved down to Lockdown Level 2. Below is what I wrote in the first few days of level 4 Lockdown: My other COVID-19 posts can be found here: Data for my posts can be found at: I share my posts at:

Lovely Melody

Lovely Melody Love lyrics should deliver S[c]end penned orgasmic shiver Real feeling divine Up and down my spine Friend rend my heart aquiver Alan Grace 3 September 2018 Shivers, enjoy this great melody 🙂 Sep 1 Shiver Shiver Shiver Poetry Sep 2 Melody Melody Melody Poetry I share my posts on the new Thumbnailed…

Under the influence?

Under the influence? Are these issues authentic Could they be schizophrenic Maybe we will see Drugs like LSD Be hallucinogenic Alan Grace 21 April 2018 daily prompt: Authentic

Silent Night- Peace to you all

Silent night, holy night! All is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child. Holy infant so tender and mild,

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Puns good and bad at times will be witty Fun-filled films (and dad jokes more’s the pity): “A happy time we’ll spend Our fine four fendered friend” Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; pretty ditty! Alan Grace 30 September 2017

A glorious song: Amazing Grace

My name is Alan Grace. Our family has always liked Amazing Grace not only because of our family name. This song is part of the reason for the name of this blog. We think this song is glorious.

My Way

My Way There’s no way I would say Love, honour Or obey I’ll do it My way It’s my way Or the highway I’ll do it My way Alan Grace 13 September 2017

Where have all the good posts gone?

Remember the song: ‘Where have all the Flowers gone?’ Like my new version? Perhaps make your own? The original version is below. Enjoy 🙂