Open letter to Ben Huberman (WordPress): Demise of Daily Prompts Aimless?

Open letter to Ben Huberman (WordPress): Demise of Daily Prompts We are sad that the Daily Prompts are finishing. Can you please send an email to all followers of this service suggesting reusing prompts from June two years ago? This will mean that we can all literally start on the same page in the future….

‘New’ June daily prompts: Juxtapose 2016 and 2018

Juxtapose 2016 and 2018 prompts Try my proposed prompts for you too More composed posts score you’ll accrue Dry your sore weepy eyes For Daily Prompt demise Juxtaposed ’16 ’18 to Alan Grace 20 May 2018 Daily prompt: Juxtapose WordPress is stopping new Daily Prompts at the end of this month. My [recycled 2016] proposed…


100 Followers For the followers we accrue Followers important like You Or for more weepy eyes For Daily Prompt demise Will we get ceremony too Alan Grace May 2018 Daily prompt: Ceremony WordPress is stopping new Daily Prompts at the end of this month. My prompts for June are all set up, ready to go….

Daily Prompts dead as a Dodo

Daily Prompts dead as a Dodo We see WP Daily Prompts are famous Sadly WordPress badly overcame us Don’t take it away We want it to stay Only an ignoramus would blame us Alan Grace 28 May 2018 Daily prompt: Famous WordPress is stopping new Daily Prompts at the end of this month. My prompts…

July Daily Post list

July Daily Post list The list that I will miss the most Is the swell WordPress Daily post Cross my heart hope to die My top list for July Doppelganger Daily Post [g]host Alan Grace 27 May 2018 Daily prompt: Doppelgänger For list of Daily prompts for June [July’s list will come out at the…

To the Daily Post Community: Thank You!

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Almost seven and a half years ago The Daily Post opened its virtual doors to the blogging community. It’s been an incredible ride, and incredible rides, too, sometimes come to an end. As of the end of this month (and 2,000 Daily Prompts, 380 Photo Challenges, 260 Community…

Bad reputation

Bad reputation Reputation built On quicksand and silt Boss and brand betrayed ‘D’ fail grade displayed Guilty to the hilt Alan Grace 25 May 2018 Daily prompt: Guilty No bad reputation for this rhino:

Walk tall

Walk tall May God I try to persevere Pray odd wobbliness disappear No giraffe At me laugh Walk my life’s pathway without fear Alan Grace 23 May 2018 Daily prompt: Disappear

Awkward walk

Awkward walk Please stop the pain I beg I’ve a very sore leg Now I’ve had my x-rays Next see what doctor says The strain’s a powder keg Alan Grace 22 May 2018 Another version: Awkward walk Pray stop the pain I beg May I swap my sore leg Now I’ve got main x-rays Next…


Narcissism Not ever higher optimism Skepticism or criticism When one is in love with oneself Then place yourself above top shelf And embrace all your Narcissism Alan Grace 21 May 2018 Daily prompt: Narcissism

Marriott find our phone

Marriott find our phone We’ve got cell cost complication Marriott’s lost reputation In the hotel Staff stole our cell While we were on hell vacation Alan Grace 20 May 2018 Daily prompt: Complication Jenny’s cell phone was stolen from out of her suitcase. Excerpt from email sent yesterday (no reply yet): Jenny had her cell…

Too much China drama from Sinorama

Too much China drama from Sinorama Secure in the lure of adventure Thoughts premature did not long endure Lack of coordination And poor communication For sure disorganised nightmare tour Alan Grace 19 May 2018 Daily prompt: Premature I had a social media detox during my China trip. Now it’s time to detox from my China…

Bursting balloon

Bursting balloon I’m no longer over the moon My detox starts this afternoon Today is the first My bubble will burst From high noon I’ll have no balloon Alan Grace 7 May 2018 My China social media detox starts today. Daily prompt: Bubble You may like to look at some of my ‘bubble ‘posts:

Social Media (poem)

Originally posted on Blue Sky Days 365:
living vicariously on timelines full to the brim with holidays and nights out everything is amazing fantastic wonderful positivity spills over flooding our senses with disappointment in our own reality like the rain that clouded our summer vacation … again truth or lie obscured, twisted tales of perfect children…

May the Fourth be with you in your journey

May the Fourth be with you in your journey On my deserved China trip I’ll observe Conserve proverbial sensory nerve Lob abnormal curve ball Observe the fab Great Wall Ponder breaking the Federal Reserve Alan Grace 4 May 2018 Daily prompt: Observe

Cambridge Analytica’s abrupt closedown

Cambridge Analytica’s abrupt closedown Crime let the corrupt clown frown Time left for abrupt showdown Chronic theft from Facebook A comic book bad look CA’s proposed a closedown Alan Grace 3 May 2018 Daily prompt: Abrupt

Ode to Post 3 6 5

Ode to Post 3 6 5 Oh no: post number 3 6 5 Last chance WordPress to best test drive So Followers great Lo Lucky 8 8 Me Chinese detox may revive Alan Grace 3 May 2018 A notable (perhaps astonishing?) 365 posts in less than a year. Now it’s time for another social media…

Social Media

Originally posted on Debbie Gravett:
I look on in silence As you tear into flesh Shred each other’s souls Attack colour and beliefs Anything you can grab Of total strangers Judge, assume and SHOUT My heart cringes and cries At the hatred bared forth My head shakes in disbelief Hope fades a little more I…

Dream theme

Dream theme My dream theme would have twinkly stars Tag clouds up to the size of Mars Indexed blog posts rolling With infinite scrolling ALL CAPS canned for life behind bars Alan Grace 1 May 2018 What’s on your wish list for a WordPress theme? A few notable changes would improve the theme [Dyad 2]…