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Skip ads Header post’s a better snippet If we see ad occur skip it Obscene on prime screen Gasoline if seen

Einstein: Herr Biedermeier

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
“Albert Einstein” by Aaron Kizer Using only the eyes of a beautiful mind Through the lens of theoretical physics He discerned mathematical expressions Of existence, of power, of motion He sought out among the heavenly orbs For invisible forces that impel them That arrange control of their synchrony He…

NCEA mad math gremlins II

NCEA mad math gremlins II My mind’s sailed into a tailspin Don’t find me in the looney bin Guess NCEA’s one-way Yes defeat bad maths today

Cherry delight

Cherry delight Say hey a very merry prompt way Yay a shared paired cherry bite today OK a delight Awakes me quite bright

Bad NCEA Maths test design

Bad NCEA Maths test design Students hit with bad tests to sit Resigned to knit answers to fit Matrix shall be well designed Math fixed with presence of mind

Math exam uproar

Math exam uproar The explosions were ever percussive After math queries very discussive Useless to cram The math exam

The underfrog

The underfrog Say I’m a poetic underdog Like maybe a newbie green tree frog It is hard to beat Poor metrical feet

A problematic maths exam

A problematic maths exam Sitting silent I clutch at straws Bad math error draws no applause There’s no suggestion To make good question

NCEA mad math gremlins

NCEA mad math gremlins My mind’s sailed into a tailspin Don’t find me in the looney bin Guess you won’t mind suggestions Yes to solve bad math questions

Ode to faulty maths exam maker(s)

Ode to faulty maths exam maker(s) Oh please God(s) show me mercy Resolve test controversy Don’t fault my suggestion Result is in question

Any Math whizz may like to try this!

This year the New Zealand NCEA Level 1 Maths exam (usually sat in Year 11) was claimed to be too tough. Two questions appeared in the new Zealand Herald today. Can you answer the question below (with kite GBDE)? Today or tomorrow I will put a solution at the bottom of this page. Also see:…

Two-Cornered Rooms

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
“Relativity” by M C Escher impossible spaces absurd of dimension beyond the delimiting rational mind constructed unconsciously negative volume containing the everything known to be nothing my never-lived lives here unfold in their follow of unfounded precepts truths built out of lies shaped to suit imperceptible visions of futures…


SHEDDING HUGE HEADINGS Bizarre crumby settings do not misjudge By far not yummy like chocolate fudge Without our dream basics quite right No doubt ours seems a sick shite site

Huge headings

Huge headings It was enough to send me hysteric Through the roof to the sky atmospheric Please send to the moon Whatever buffoon


Mushrooms     Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath performed by Harriet Walter Play in your default media player

Bad business

Bad business This business practice is so bad No success just silence I’m glad No honky tonk Though sign says HONK

Dubious ads

Dubious ads We seek to not have seen These ads on the home screen Sleeze ads dubious Freeze me rubious

Transgressive ads

Transgressive ads I won’t wish to sniff sky high whiff Of ads round head like my nigh riff WordPress transgressed said gaffe Forbid this naff riffraff

A black day

It was a black day when ads started appearing on my top screen in my blog (when I wasn’t logged in to WordPress). I had a minimal header and header post so that my latest post could be seen on the first page. No ads here It is really mean and obscene Ads to insert…

The Neophyte

The Neophyte by Aleister Crowley To-night I tread the unsubstantial way That looms before me, as the thundering night Falls on the ocean: I must stop, and pray

Strut proudly

There are two versions below of a poem (and a number of options). Which version do you prefer? Strut proudly On the fridge of the Escher queen Her grandson’s art picture was seen On well-crafted hands A mirrored orb stands

A broken heart

A broken heart Please do not injure me We had a synergy You broke my heart Tore it apart

The artful word-nerd

The artful word-nerd A dame pupils named a brain egghead or nerd A claim not academically absurd Under full pressure to start work Wonderful Escher new artwork

Dancing with the surf

Dancing with the surf Please do not look at us askance Seize solace should we want a dance Slaves dancing in surf’s high pride Waves advancing with high tide

A ghostly watermark

A ghostly watermark Derived watermark quite faint Contrived from very light paint Arrived over some time Deprived profits from crime

Snake Oil

Snake Oil There will never be a Snake oil panacea We wonder why Men always die

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

Which version do you prefer? Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! Pray tell me this I beg Is your first choice the egg Was it beaten By the Chicken

My website and blog

My website and blog My site and blog aren’t joined by epoxy But by servers connected by proxy Getting from one to the other Like between mother and brother

The bad and good online “neighbour”

Which of the poems below do you prefer? I recently drew the attention of WordPress to an issue I was having with the “Blogs I Follow” widget. I got a quick response from a ‘happiness engineer’ at WordPress. Great customer service 🙂 Unlike my experiences at an NZ site called Neighbourly where I was eventually…

Simmer down

S[l]immer down An advance thought of me so much slimmer Little chance sought fades idea dimmer Still on the quiet Time for a diet

The online poet

The online poet It is a mystery to me Why one would blog one’s poetry On line poetic Should be aesthetic


Halloween On the darkest night of Halloween Were weird witches and goblins obscene All grownups not ghoulish Appeared instead foolish