Twenty Eighteen Theme

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Twenty Eighteen Theme Let’s start a conversation From my WordPress workstation Give me a clean Twenty Eighteen Theme without obfuscation Alan Grace 2 January 2018 Daily prompt: Conversation I am starting to doubt if there will ever be a Twenty Eighteen WordPress Theme. I have been waiting (in vain)…

Transgressive ads

Transgressive ads I won’t wish to sniff sky high whiff Of ads round head like my nigh riff WordPress transgressed said gaffe Forbid this naff riffraff

The bad and good online “neighbour”

Which of the poems below do you prefer? I recently drew the attention of WordPress to an issue I was having with the “Blogs I Follow” widget. I got a quick response from a ‘happiness engineer’ at WordPress. Great customer service 🙂 Unlike my experiences at an NZ site called Neighbourly where I was eventually…