Fake fitness

Fake fitness True your cake you will eat Eschew mistake to cheat I’m new expert witness To your break of fitness You’ll still fake fat[e] defeat Alan Grace 27 August 2018 Aug 26 Witness Witness Witness Poetry Aug 27 Mistake Mistake Mistake Poetry Aug 28 Cheat Cheat Cheat Poetry Aug 29 Expert Expert Expert Poetry…

Gimme Chocolate

Gimme Chocolate Way up in high aerie sky sanctuary They wait for my eagle eye commentary Revolutionary debate Yay confectionary first rate I pray please don’t let me get dysentery Alan Grace 24 July 2018 Sanctuary Poetry ==================== Newsflash ==================== You are welcome to submit your best posts to this site: https://guestdailyposts.wordpress.com/ You do not…

First date: Let me elaborate

Formulate First date: Let me elaborate Cogitate Ruminate Appreciate Salivate Fixate Oscillate Debate Capitulate Contemplate Abdicate Germinate Inundate Elevate Inchoate Blind-date Anticipate Dominate Interest-rate Orchestrate Activate Celebrate Great First-rate Chocolate Checkmate! Alan Grace 26 April 2018 Daily prompt: Elaborate Inchoate


SHEDDING HUGE HEADINGS Bizarre crumby settings do not misjudge By far not yummy like chocolate fudge Without our dream basics quite right No doubt ours seems a sick shite site