Floccinaucinihilipilification This word’s spelling and sound are tough Announcing it’s worthless enough Really this word Is quite absurd

No Thanks

No Thanks Would I want your attitude Could I need poor platitude I’ve given up some time To smarten up my rhyme


My posts often change. I cannot resist tinkering and updating. My posts (especially poems) seldom stay static. Come back to see the changes. Below are two versions of a poem. Which version do your prefer?


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Alan’s posts are very erratic Not autocratically static Automatically view Posts tinkered again anew


Originally posted on lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown:
Hue-bris I painted every living room wall, but did not like the hue at all. It did not match the sofa right. It was too orangey and bright. And so I sought to alter it with another color over it. A watery glaze applied with…

The purple carrot

The purple carrot The carrot orange was not For time that most men forgot The demon mutant seed Had been purple indeed


Surreal Should surreal Escher structures engage Impossible pics from another age Could trompe d’oeil foil all my eye Or promptly spoil I wonder why

Identity almost lost 2350

Identity almost lost 2350 We both smiled and gazed amazed at the scenic view Me (a child) and dad see kangaroo and emu “In the wild,” dad said “These both had been dead

Damn you, Poetry

Originally posted on A Writer's Soul :
Oh Poetry, the grief you cause me, The long, countless hours spent trying to compose you. Do I rhyme my words? Or use alliteration, aligning words from the alphabet to form phrases? Shall I write about my pain and sorrow, my happiness or my newfound love? The questions…

The Grinch ponders poetry

The Grinch ponders poetry with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling. How could it be so?

The Grimerick*

The Grimerick* This poem is not a Limerick Murdered by a poetic trick Its rhyme scheme A crime scene


Pirates Pirated software trademark Profits mostly more made dark Goodwill g[u]ilt jaded Over time faded

A Prayer

A Prayer May ye be till end Faithful loving men Loyal enlightened Then unto Heaven

Finding Myrtle

Finding Myrtle Though slow Myrtle turtle is tame So camouflaged well in this frame Cloaked in lily pads green She can hardly be seen

Back home again yesterday

We arrived back home yesterday after a very enjoyable cruise. Our journey provided a release from social media and the Internet. I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional service provided by the loyal staff of the Pacific Jewel during our cruise. It was very easy to succumb to the temptation of the…

A poetic journey

Today we start our cruise and maybe a social media detox? 🙂 A poetic journey Oh My Life is a long journey step by step Whoah I should try strong doggerel to sidestep Iteratively I could (oh yes!) Figuratively (sigh) good to guess

How superficial are you?

How superficial are you? Oh Social MEdia detox sounds good Oh go (shall we dare?) online if it would (Oh No!) get in the way YOLO every day

The Contortionist

The Contortionist A dancer very gymnastic A contortionist fantastic Tres elegant An elephant

The Prima Ballerina

The Prima Ballerina A ballet queen very intelligent Ballerina extremely elegant In green tutus and ballet shoes

I have changed my WordPress Theme again!

Today, I started using the Twenty Seventeen Word Press theme. Previously I was using the Shoreditch theme. After looking at another blog using the current theme, I noticed that this new theme could be set up to do most of what I wanted.

The fashionable fashion queen

The fashionable fashion queen A fashion queen very intelligent Fuchsia-finished extremely elegant In green tutu tres a la mode In ballet-shoes smiling tip-toed A friendly fluffy faux-furred elephant Alan Grace 6 October 2017 Such elegance 🙂 Daily prompt: Fashionable Elegance

Not In Denial? Interest in Pinterest

Not in Denial? You I cannot defy Who says I can’t see why You’ve interest In Pinterest This I cannot deny! Alan Grace 5 October 2017 Daily prompts: Deny Interest

Compound Interest: Double your Money!

Compound Interest The key Rule of Seventy-Two Will be of interest to you If you want to know How your savings grow To double true value anew Alan Grace 4 October 2017 If you want to know how many years it will take your savings to double (and then double again … ), the Rule…

The Elegant Elephant

The Elegant Elephant My fitness is fairly pathetic My physique uniquely athletic I am in need Of work indeed And exercise more energetic Alan Grace 3 October 2017 Such elegance 🙂 Daily prompt: Athletic Elegance

An Internet Special gone wrong: Carpet cleaning; A true story (sadly)

Update: The owner of the company (Sandeep) sent two workmen around this afternoon. The stain looks a lot better. He says he will send his men around twice more if needed. Thanks Lucy (TreatMe) for your intervention 🙂  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Internet specials are very popular. Sadly if something goes wrong, you can end up going around…

Popular Poetry

Popular poetry presents parameters Theatre and characters not for us amateurs My feet wrongly be stressed My mind rightly de-stressed Perhaps not for us iambic pentameters Alan Grace 2 October 2017

An odd shape

An odd shape I am not fit to fill a circle I will fill a square or triangle My mouth is agape My friend has a shape That both fit and will a circle fill Alan Grace 2 October 2017 Two more versions:

Pyramid scheme: Gifting Circles- Stay away from these!

Yes, stay away from these. They are pyramid schemes. Do not succumb to these. They are a fraud. They are very risky. Expect to lose your money. They are cloaked with misinformation. I cannot express my concern deeply enough about these.

Dad jokes

Some dad jokes (don’t give them to your dad) Dad jokes If your dad has told all these jokes to you by now Lets hope he can’t recall them all some way somehow