New moon muse

New moon muse Eclipse ghost surface Praise expert witness Maybe carry Apology Mistake obvious Alan Grace 20 August 2018 I share my posts on the new Thumbnailed Group. How many of August’s Recycled Daily Prompts can you fit into a post? Apology Muse Praise Maybe Surface Carry Ghost Moon Obvious Witness Mistake Expert Eclipse I…

Is Postaday next to die? Share your best posts here

Is Postaday next to die? As I pray to the sky I always wonder why WordPress team stole Our heart our soul Is Postaday next to die? Alan Grace 25 July 2018 Daily prompt: Jun 3 Sky It is sad new WordPress Daily Post Prompts had to die 😦   ==================== Newsflash ==================== You are welcome…

Daily prompt: Sky. Is Postaday next to die?

Is Postaday next to die? As I pray to the sky I always wonder why WordPress team stomped New Daily Prompt Is Postaday next to die? Alan Grace 3 June 2018 Daily prompt: Jun 3 Sky Please join me in recycling these prompts. Just use these in the normal way for previous Daily Prompts. Use these…

May the Fourth be with you in your journey

May the Fourth be with you in your journey On my deserved China trip I’ll observe Conserve proverbial sensory nerve Lob abnormal curve ball Observe the fab Great Wall Ponder breaking the Federal Reserve Alan Grace 4 May 2018 Daily prompt: Observe

Bad Friday*

Bad [Fri]day* [Why] [/] [where] will it hit? The Chinese are frantic On [my] [/] [their] land, Pacific or Atlantic Hydrazine Worst we’ve seen Can kill millions* [and] [will] mean[s] widespread panic Alan Grace 30 March 2018 * poetic license? Now expected to land today (Monday NZ time 2 April). [letters in brackets optional- which…

Humanity Star XII: Fall from grace

Fall from grace Humanity Star trash can talisman Man’s attention span less than felled lifespan Today time can tell Clue near where you fell [Ban] [Brand] Beck a true space race Renaissance man Alan Grace 23 March 2018 What should the first word be on the last line? Daily prompt: Talisman See:…

Humanity Star XI: falling star

Humanity Star falls Falling small Star may be invisible Great O* Disco Ball way still risible Friday G O D B Will become history Appalling ball always nil visible Alan Grace 22 March 201 * Orbiting (not for long). See: Daily prompt: Invisible Controversial Humanity Star Satellite Is Falling Out of Space See:


Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
The Heart and Soul Nebulae – photo by NASA avalanching ethers burst among solar flares explosive with locust bytes swarming in broadband storms chomping through dark matter orbits dimming the starlight with sensory overload to then disappear massive cloud after cloud into gestating bellies of Cancer and Capricorn reborn…

Bewildered [Starman]

Bewildered [Starman] Helmet thick-silvered I am bewildered Mind blown Heart thrown Expletives filtered Alan Grace 8 February 2018 Daily prompt: Bewildered

Humanity Star IX

Humanity Star IX Lo tho sheeny orb I sympathize O heart desires no deceit or lies Low half rotate please Thirty six degrees Dirty creation logic defies Alan Grace 4 February 2018 Daily prompt: Sympathize See: It looks like someone has bungled making the Humanity Star. It appears that one half (top or bottom)…

Humanity Star VIII

Humanity Star VIII Most posts about Beck’s star are abstruse No excuse wide open to abuse Dish out profanity Far out Humanity Fall out refuse with no profuse use Alan Grace 2 February 2018 See: Daily prompt:  Profuse

Humanity Star VII

Humanity Star VII O Humanity star freed of your mirror sheen You cannot be afar best beauty ever seen I can see your shining face Flashing shouting out in space You can fit the fate of test thought rather obscene Alan Grace 2 February 2018 My posts and comments on the humanity star have been…

Super Blue Blood Moon

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
Image From Pravda-TV ? fat with portent three mysteries join the dawn sky blood of moonfire sets alight fears dread of prophecy awful and dire some minds have such terrible powers to conjure calamity caught up in moments occult fraught with omen impending events turned by hands of inimical…

Humanity Star VI

Humanity Star VI Say no oh the pity of it Iago Beck’s best rocket test conveying crap cargo Slingshot ball turd What’s more absurd Geometric decaying orbit aglow Alan Grace 1 February 2018 Daily prompt: Conveyor See:

The Humanity Star

The Humanity Star Do you have any inkling Of our space garbage sprinkling Our Humanity Star To the Earth from afar Reflects Sun’s starlight twinkling Alan Grace 29 January 2018 Daily prompt: Inkling See:

Huge headings

Huge headings It was enough to send me hysteric Through the roof to the sky atmospheric Please send to the moon Whatever buffoon