COVID Odyssey: Summer Daze ~ Introduction

Summer Daze

Foreign virus exchange
Our new normal is strange
The halcyon
Days don’t begin
COVID’s made a great change

Alan Grace
29 May 2020

COVID-19 has changed the world.

This site documents my journey and my attempts to use (relatively) simple mathematics (that hopefully a good high school student may be able to follow) to explore COVID-19.

We follow a purely mathematical approach in our investigation.

This site is now a website. Since 17 February I have written over 100 posts in my WordPress blog- Yes this is historically my blog you are reading!
Only about three of the posts do not relate to COVID-19.
I have kept them here because they are still part of my journey (Odyssey).

We initially found that one infected person may on average infect 5.3782 (more than 5 and 3/8 and possibly 6) other people in New Zealand in March (This is twice as many people as most experts expect). See:

For updates to Ro see:
COVID Odyssey: [Pre-]Summer Summary~ How many people may one person infect on average?

At the start of this year everyone was enjoying life normally.

The term COVID-19 did not exist.

This Coronavirus only existed in China (officially in January).

Now COVID-19 has changed the world. Everyone is trying to find a new normal.

Worldwide there will soon be 6 million cases (currently 5,780,736).

With 102,608 new cases today, the total is likely to reach 6 million cases within three days.

There have been over 350,000 deaths (356,814 deaths).

In the USA alone, over 100,000 people have died (102,091 deaths).

Almost 2.5 million people (2,492,496) have now recovered.

Let’s hope we continue to be safe from COVID-19.

I hope you find a new normal that you are happy with.

Alan Grace
28 May 2020

An index can be found here:

An annotated list commenting on some of my posts can be found here:

Summer Daze

I feel

the sunshine on my face

through emerald branches

like delicate spider-web lace

I feel

the warm and soothing rays

of those dreamy summer days

I wish I could go back to that place….

© Kait King, 2015





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