No ALL CAPS I had a bad premonition About the sad imposition Of ALL CAPS in menus The saga continues WordPress please be a magician Alan Grace 28 February 2018 Daily prompt: Premonition Imagination

I resign (an acrostic)

Daily prompt: Imagination Optional last line: No workstation just imagination Which last line do you prefer?

ALL CAP is crap

ALL CAP is crap ALL CAPs is source of vexation And of eternal damnation All Themes of WordPress Dreams no CAPS I guess Please show some imagination Alan Grace 27 February 2018 Daily prompt: Imagination See:

Crypto culture vultures: Bitcoin under $9500 (again); Ripple under 92.5 cents

Crypto culture vultures Can we art appreciate While the vultures congregate You must just trust Bitcoins a bust Better choose to sit and wait Alan Grace 26 February 2018 Daily prompt: Congregate At 6.45 am this morning (NZ time; see: See:

Tarnished Gem

Tarnished Gem WordPress was an orb precious and trusted Dusted with old gems and jewels encrusted Word webs of solid gold Now users young and old Disgusted with Reblog maladjusted Alan Grace 22 February 2018 Daily prompt: Encrusted See: Golden orb spider:

ReBlog lost II

ReBlog lost II If you think Reblog loss is not strange Target yourself on the firing range It is not even a close call If you don’t want Reblog at all Recall the only constant is change Alan Grace 21 February 2018 Daily prompt:  Constant See: Finally a reply from a ‘Happiness Engineer’ (it only…

Where’s the Reblog button? (an Acrostic)

Daily prompt: Compromise See: Another email sent today to WordPress Support about the disappearance of the Reblog button. No reply from the ‘Happiness Engineers’ to my first email 😦

ReBlog still goneburgers

ReBlog still goneburgers O what a short shrift event Like no slack regift present Geraldine swore it Seen back, she saw it No, gone, foment discontent Alan Grace 19 February 2018 Daily prompt:  Present See: Also see: Original version, earlier today: ReBlog still goneburgers O what a blessed event Like a great ReBlog present Geraldine…

ReBlog lost

I have had to “manually” Reblog the great poem below. It is sad that the ReBlog button has disappeared. Please have the courage to comment about this. Please WordPress, permit the return of the Reblog button. Permission denied February 5, 2018 ~ Megha’s World Frozen and numb to the core sitting and gazing at the…

What has happened to the ReBlog button?

Reblogging When you love a post on a blog To copy the rule don’t leapfrog Just a fool it’s true Would copy anew The right rule to do is reblog Alan Grace 28 October 2017 Daily prompt:  Costume It appears the ReBlog button has disappeared or is wearing a costume as good as the Emperor’s new…

Sacred cow

Sacred cow Should we find it all very suspicious Could Twenty Eighteen theme be fictitious I do not want a row Is this a sacred cow Would WordPress be now just too ambitious Alan Grace 15 February 2018 Daily prompt: Suspicious    

Twenty Eighteen Theme

Twenty Eighteen Theme Oh please I do not want a big lecture Twenty Eighteen theme seems a conjecture Will next theme not be seen Until Twenty Nineteen Till WordPress updates its architecture Alan Grace 14 February 2018 Daily Prompt: Lecture

Spelling ‘Mnemonic’

Spelling ‘Mnemonic’ Al’s spelling is chronic Where’s there a mnemonic Hell it’s absurd To spell this word Sees me histrionic Alan Grace 12 February 2018 Daily prompt: Mnemonic See:


I saw this site mentioned elsewhere today. Look at the “live” stats e.g. blogs. About 5.3 million blog posts written today; world population over 7.6 billion. See: Look how quickly the numbers tend to go up on the site during each day. Daily prompt: Tend

Bewildered [Starman]

Bewildered [Starman] Helmet thick-silvered I am bewildered Mind blown Heart thrown Expletives filtered Alan Grace 8 February 2018 Daily prompt: Bewildered

Heart attack

Heart attack I am bewildered Her words quicksilvered Mind blown Heart thrown My love unfiltered Alan Grace 8 February 2018 Daily prompt: Bewildered


Bitcon My brain is now on remote control Crypto profit way down the drain-hole A Bitcoin scrambler Going to Gambler Anonymous today to enroll Alan Grace 7 February 2018 Daily prompt: Enroll See: NZ Herald 7 February 2018 p B4 (from South China Morning Post): Bitcoin in China Block Also see: China moves to crush…

Cryptocurrency crash? Will Bitcoin lose two thirds its peak value?

Cryptocurrency crash? The market’s drowned I’m lost for words Cryptocurrency’s for the birds A basket case Let market chase Permit Bitcoin cost down two thirds Alan Grace 6 February 2018 Daily prompt: Permit I was tempted to change the second line to: Cryptocurrencies feeds/seeds the birds but I decided to leave it as it was….

The AAAmazing Phoenix

The AAAmazing Phoenix There are always reasons For a Phoenix all seasons I simmer in summer I augment in autumn’s stir Then one winter In a northern November hemisphere I retire -I cannot remember where- My heart’s afire With gnarls and gnashes And fiery flashes In December I turn I burn In my fire My…

Humanity Star IX

Humanity Star IX Lo tho sheeny orb I sympathize O heart desires no deceit or lies Low half rotate please Thirty six degrees Dirty creation logic defies Alan Grace 4 February 2018 Daily prompt: Sympathize See: It looks like someone has bungled making the Humanity Star. It appears that one half (top or bottom)…

Humanity Star VIII

Humanity Star VIII Most posts about Beck’s star are abstruse No excuse wide open to abuse Dish out profanity Far out Humanity Fall out refuse with no profuse use Alan Grace 2 February 2018 See: Daily prompt:  Profuse

Humanity Star VII

Humanity Star VII O Humanity star freed of your mirror sheen You cannot be afar best beauty ever seen I can see your shining face Flashing shouting out in space You can fit the fate of test thought rather obscene Alan Grace 2 February 2018 My posts and comments on the humanity star have been…

Super Blue Blood Moon

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
Image From Pravda-TV ? fat with portent three mysteries join the dawn sky blood of moonfire sets alight fears dread of prophecy awful and dire some minds have such terrible powers to conjure calamity caught up in moments occult fraught with omen impending events turned by hands of inimical…

Humanity Star VI

Humanity Star VI Say no oh the pity of it Iago Beck’s best rocket test conveying crap cargo Slingshot ball turd What’s more absurd Geometric decaying orbit aglow Alan Grace 1 February 2018 Daily prompt: Conveyor See: