What a treat: A super blue blood moon

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Super blue blood moon A super blue blood moon One month twice full a boon A moon is blue Seen twice anew At month’s end coming soon Alan Grace 4 January 2018 Daily prompt:  Treat See: https://gostica.com/astrology/super-blue-blood-moon-2018-see/…

The Humanity Star

The Humanity Star Do you have any inkling Of our space garbage sprinkling Our Humanity Star To the Earth from afar Reflects Sun’s starlight twinkling Alan Grace 29 January 2018 Daily prompt: Inkling See: http://www.thehumanitystar.com/

Crypto silhouette

Crypto silhouette Birth debts dearth crypto cash silhouette Worth less with earthquake crash pirouette For heavens sake You have to break Eggs to make a great flash omelette Alan Grace 27 January 2018 Daily prompt: Silhouette See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=bitcoin Also see: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/floccinaucinihilipilification/

Crypto death knell alarm bell

Crypto death knell alarm bell Phones ringtone’s sing own well-known shrill trill Whole and semi-tone bring boding ill Own-goal keystone drop zone full-blown Lone prone milestone headstone millstone Will chill cyclone dead zone backbone kill Alan Grace 26 January 2018 Daily prompt: Trill See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=bitcoin This guy didn’t buy (still lost his shirt and life):

External exam

External exam Question design is very foolhardy NCEA changes very tardy How come no one knew Revision to do Level review not robust or hardy Alan Grace 24 January 2018 Daily prompt: Tardy Exam stress is bad enough without inappropriate questions. This year the New Zealand NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement ) Level 1…

The Bitcoin bandit

The Bitcoin bandit The Bitcoin bandit band self-branded Hot Cryptos caught red-handed candid Not handed more What banned back door Landed stranded canned empty-handed Alan Grace 23 January 2018 Daily prompt: Candid See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=bitcoin

Please guide me

Please guide me Heed my plea please all agree Foresee black hole category Please guide me chaps Flee themes ALL CAPS Feed me the best strategy Alan Grace 22 January 2018 Daily prompt: Strategy

Don’t wait … More timely bad advice?

Don’t wait Sky high rise in prize price lies in horizon Fly wisened by guys with eyes in and ties in Market and spy pies in sky buys Buy more galore before surprise Wise guy buys in near sheer high size rise flies in Alan Grace 21 January 2018 Daily prompt: Horizon See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/bitcoin/

Bad advice

Bad advice If you think cryptocurrency won’t shrink Do not hoodwink yourself or doublethink If you are the link missing Money goodbye you’re kissing Buy now and do not stop to think or blink Alan Grace 20 January 2018 Daily prompt: Blink See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/bitcoin/

Greed vs fear

Greed vs fear He wrote we may be in for a shock Bitcoin no way solid as a rock Though millions may yearn More zillions to earn Just wait for the next downturn tick tock Alan Grace 19 January 2018 Daily prompt: Shock Bitcoin was under $10,000 yesterday and Ripple less than $1. Ripple is…

The Prima Ballerina III

The Prima Ballerina III A ballet queen extremely elegant My prima ballerina elephant This dance genius is my muse In green tutus and ballet shoes Her purchases hardly extravagant Alan Grace 18 January 2018 She’s extremely agile and light on her feet- the tightrope doesn’t appear to be bending! She’s thinking about buying cryptocurrency but…

Cryptocurrency update: losses over last 7 days common 30% to 48.5%

A slight bounce back in the last hour maybe caused by Bitcoin going down towards  $10,000. Don’t buy cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies are very fragile Their movements by minute very agile Don’t buy them less you Lose your money too Currencies currently too volatile Alan Grace 18 January 2018 Daily Prompt:  Agile Notes: Other people will tell…

Some Distant Day

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“Enigma” by Halina Grzyb ? answers aren’t important it’s the questions that matter the fashion of wonder confronting obscurities only by asking tomorrow may bodies move forward in time every footprint of progress embedded with traces of inquest compelled by the curious instinct life at its best is a…

Head in the Cloud II

Head in the Cloud II There was an old man in the Cloud Of my WordPress theme he’s not proud Why ALL CAPS muddy Most themes I study Shouts out loud should not be allowed Alan Grace 16 January 2018 Daily Prompt: Study

Head in the Cloud

Head in the Cloud There was an old man in the Cloud Blogging that he was very proud Of adult entertainment Now waiting for arraignment Shouting ALL CAPS should be allowed Alan Grace 15 January 2018 Daily prompt: Entertain

I like your likes

I like your likes For all your likes God bless They evoke happiness No practical joke Or mirrors and smoke My blog bespoke no less Alan Grace 13 January 2018 Daily prompt: Evoke Thank you for all your likes and to all my followers. Time to blog a little less. Go well in 2018 🙂

The Traveller’s Heart

Enjoy my version: My achy breaky heart My torn heart beats within my chest Will yours accept my love request It tries its best, but can’t get in, Cries in vain to be within. When yours sang sense poetically Stripped all innocence inside me It bewitched me, now slave to thine Damning heart that won’t…


Waves At dawn waves born undulate For sure they perpetuate Law’s gravity drawn Forward shoreward borne Rolling waves accumulate Alan Grace 11 January 2018 Daily prompt: Undulate Radio Hauraki Pirate radio Station circa 1970s (?)  

The Mathematician

Happiness theorem: RU over me Art masters of mathematics Real soul algebra fanatics Yes please adore me more Reveal inverse square law Happiness Theorem quadratics Alan Grace 10 January 2018 Daily prompt:  Brilliant

Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen My heart is torn my hopes forlorn Could I have sworn at year’s dawn morn Should the year’s theme be seen Or will Twenty Eighteen Depart stillborn or still be born Alan Grace 9 January 2018 Daily prompt: Forlorn Also see: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/theme/

Don’t go over to the dark side

Don’t go over to the dark side Please don’t look at me with derision Please don’t tease me with tunnel vision Listen up chaps I hate ALL CAPS Please funnel time for caps revision Alan Grace 8 January 2018 Daily prompt: Funnel This theme is not something I would normally choose: I hate All CAPS…

You can’t win them all

You can’t win them all To some my winsome site looks gruesome New themes I just knew to review some To like I refuse All caps in menus

Allegory to an allergy

Allegory to an allergy As I predicted my heart is constricted I feel ill and sick my head is afflicted Till a key I press In WordPress we’ll guess


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  “Winter Chaos, Blizzard” by Marsden Hartley   fierce turning winds born of violent helix whip oceans with spirals of face-slapping haymaker force severe snowmaker lashing at coasts bringing blizzards to bury the land fill the valleys and fatten the mountains a roaring assertion of dominance stirring in flesh…

Cryptocurrency urgency

Cryptocurrency urgency What is the current market urgency To cryptocurrency divergency The mantra’s liturgic The market’s allergic

Two blogs

Two blogs Two blogs classifiable found reliable Truly verifiable to be viable Through the brutal toil Like cod liver oil Liable God to be unjustifiable Alan Grace 5 January 2018 Daily Prompt:  Viable

Blog fit for purpose

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Blog fit for purpose I’ll not be a fleet athlete With all the sweet treats I eat I’ll not be a jogger A Post a Day blogger My neat complete work[out]sheet feat Alan Grace 4 January 2018 Daily prompt:  Treat Let your fingers do the walking:

Save my followers

It is sad that WordPress will not allow you to completely clone a website (or change the WordPress address to a new WordPress URL without buying a domain name). Save my followers Salvation with reservation About my affiliation All my followers nursed Throughout blog names reversed Kept I accept on probation Alan Grace 3 January…

Twenty Eighteen Theme

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Twenty Eighteen Theme Let’s start a conversation From my WordPress workstation Give me a clean Twenty Eighteen Theme without obfuscation Alan Grace 2 January 2018 Daily prompt: Conversation I am starting to doubt if there will ever be a Twenty Eighteen WordPress Theme. I have been waiting (in vain)…