Coronavirus. An Acrostic.

Here’s my version:


Curs-ed plague sweeping the cracking earth
On many foreign shore
Reaching out for all your lacking worth
Or wanting even more
Now money buys you nought
Armageddon beckons at every door
Virulent war that all have fought
Is there anyone not bereft
Re-infecting all out of sight
Until when you’re the last one left
Sigh then turn out your light

Alan Grace
27 February 2020




Paintings and poetry.

This curs-ed plague, that sweeps the earth

Pushing fear before

Plucking souls in random picks

With constant greed for more

There are empty streets in Bejing

Milan is closing down

The world is wearing face masks

As God sends in the clowns

Armageddon beckons

Scream headlines in the mail

While aeroplanes are grounded

And only ghost ships sail

Your guns and bombs are useless

Your money buys you nought

Isolation brings seclusion

But it’s respite you have bought

So fill your mind with peace and love

Take joy from fading sights

And if you’re, ‘The last man standing’

Then please turn off the lights.

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