COVID Odyssey: Autumn Leaves ~ Quest complete?

Autumn Leaves

Fall leaves in Autumn
May peace and rest come
Soon in June
Cries to moon
Spoiled soiled world numb

Alan Grace
30 May 2020

New Zealand has not had any new cases of COVID-19 for the last six days.

We have a total of 1504 cases and 22 deaths.

1500 cases was the lower range for my estimated number of cases.

We currently have only 8 active cases.

My Odyssey is almost complete (until the next wave arrives).

May one person  infect on average 5.3782 (more than 5 and 3/8 and possibly 6 to 6 and 1/2) other people? Time will tell.

For update see:


We find that one infected person may on average infect 5.3782 (more than 5 and 3/8) other people in New Zealand in March (This is twice as many people as most expects expect). See:

COVID-19 never stays static.

New Zealand has come a long way since going into Lockdown level 4 (L4) at 11.59 pm on Wednesday 25 March.

I wrote this in the first couple of Days of L4:


To ensure good hand-washing (20 seconds), singing Happy Birthday while washing your hands was recommended. Perhaps sing “Healthy virus-free day for us” instead?

Winter is approaching in New Zealand.

Hopefully we will not have another outbreak of COVID-19 (at least in the near future).


Like the mythical Phoenix, the world will rise from the ashes of the firestorm created by COVID-19.

The AAAmazing Phoenix

There are always reasons
For a Phoenix all seasons
I simmer in summer
I augment in autumn’s stir
Then one winter
In a northern
November hemisphere
I retire
-I cannot remember where-
My heart’s afire
With gnarls and gnashes
And fiery flashes
In December
I turn
I burn
In my fire
My funeral pyre
Then as every ember
Grows older
And colder
And turns to ashes
I freeze
I cease
I expire
In spring eons after
With flickers flames and flashes
-Ignore my tenterhooks
I emerge from the ashes
And await your tender looks
I’m a fierce-some creature
With an eternal feature
Sadly not one you share
For you have perished
Without any laughter
For eons I’ve cherished
Our memories with care
You will be in my heart
Though we will be apart
Now and ever after
Heart torn
I yearn

Alan Grace
4 December 2017
[Minor modification 30 May 2020]

Daily prompts:


Sadly WordPress is removing the Classic Editor at the end of this month (May).

Another new normal to get used to.

I do not like the new block editor (Gutenberg).

Therefore I am trying to complete my WordPress COVID-19 posts this month.

It is sad to see the Classic editor disappear.

O Classic Editor my Love

Oh Classic Editor
How I love you
With your clear firm lines
And your soft open spaces
Oh how easy it is to slide into you
Oh what joy we can have there
Creating and recreating joy and bliss
Winding ourselves up into ecstasy
Oh how beautiful you are
My long lost lover
Oh how I craved to be in your arms again
Oh how I craved to the freedom you gave
I yearned for you
I longed for you
And your gentleness
Oh how you invited me in
Where together we could create beautiful things
Oh my love we are back together again
Oh my love never leave me again
Never leave me abandoned again
I love you so much
I am eternally yours
Stay with me for ever
And never let me go






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