My first blog becomes a “live” Time Capsule!

From midnight on 31 August, 2017, changes to Alan Grace’s first blog (AAAmazing) are embargoed forever. The blog will become a “live” time capsule. The blog may be still viewed. The current blog, The Amazing Phoenix, will still have new posts. Alan Grace’s first blog is at You may like to view Alan Grace’s…

The Last Post

I have now documented some of the evidence I have regarding Neighbourly. It is time for you to look at the evidence yourself and come to your own conclusions. You may like to read: What is Neighbourly’s Exit Strategy? [Draft] Open letter to the CEO of Fairfax Media. Is “Neighbourly” just a “TradeMe Wannabe”? My Chronology Neighbourly’s…

What is Neighbourly's Exit Strategy?

It is recommended that companies have an exit strategy in place even before a company starts up. This may involve a sale process and/or a succession plan. I am sure Neighbourly is no exception. What is Neighbourly’s Exit Strategy?

We've got the Oscars, should we have the Neighbullies?

[Spoiler alert: “There are not any “Neighbully” awards … yet] Maybe “Neighbullies” should be awarded to members of NT (Neighbully Team)? No queuing up or sucking up for “Tickets” to the award ceremony. Neighbully tosses Tickets out (and perhaps Leads/members too?) like confetti.

Is "Neighbourly" just a "TradeMe Wannabe"?

In this post I pose the question “Is “Neighbourly” just a “TradeMe Wannabe”? Is this the real reason Neighbourly was set up? There are indicators that Neighbourly is developing into a “TradeMe” style site.

Are you afraid to express your point of view on Neighbourly?

Are you afraid to express your point of view on Neighbourly in case your post will be deleted/ put “on hold” or you may (like me) be kicked off Neighbourly? It is sad that Fairfax Media (producers of most of the local rags in NZ) now owns at least 45% of Neighbourly yet there is…

Is my aversion for real estate ads the main reason I was kicked off Neighbourly?

Are house for sale ads (and other commercial posts) on the Neighbourly Noticeboards the main reason I was kicked off Neighbourly? See: Is “Neighbourly” just a “TradeMe Wannabe”? No members I contacted yesterday were aware that Neighbourly is advertising houses for sale. This seems to be a well kept secret. Sad of course for the home owners…

You are welcome to join The Cat's PAJAMAS

You are welcome to join The Cat’s PAJAMAS (aka K-Plus). PAJAMAS = Pets, Animals, Jokes, Anecdotes, Musings, Amusements, & Satire Look here (after reading this page) if you think you may like to join. This is a Google+ Group. You may post about anything you like. Many posts include cat pictures (but your posts do…

Why I do not recommend Neighbourly

I’ve now been kicked out of Neighbourly 😦 I’ll let you read the ticket. The “Neighbourly Team” (NT) has never been interested in listening to me or anyone else (including Leads). NT says in the email “We’ve encouraged you many times to come directly to the Neighbourly Team if you do have problems or concerns…


To the old Neighbourly of “yesterday”!

Where's NT?

Nope … I can’t see the Neighbourly Team (NT) here 😦

Neighbourly Lost

The concept of Neighbourly that we loved is being lost forever 😦 Waddya think?

Another puzzle

Email me your answer to the puzzle below. Perhaps try some of my other puzzles.

Neighbully hijacks "hijacked" post

Frosty will not be back. Frosty is gone. Many people supported ‘K’ (Frosty’s owner) at this sad time. Even the Neighbourly Team (NT) said it was “so great to see you have the support of your neighbourhood during this time.” So what did NT do to support K? The NT cyber police  gave/ emailed K…

Where have all the good posts gone?

Remember the song: ‘Where have all the Flowers gone?’ Like my new version? Perhaps make your own? The original version is below. Enjoy 🙂

Crime and Punishment- I've been kicked out of a group I joined last night :(

The ‘Crime and Punishment’ in the heading for this post comes from an email I received today regarding the mystery below. Great heading R 🙂 I don’t know what crime I’ve committed but the punishment seems very harsh 😦 I joined ‘Brian’s Crime & Safety Tips’ (a Neighbourly group) last night and discovered this morning…

ACC Payments if you have an accident

Some people are not clear on what they are entitled to if they have an accident. In different years my partner and one her sons (very recently) had accidents. My partner, her HR Manager, her son, and even his ACC Case Manager were not initially aware of the information below. Make sure you are aware…

Boycott Real Estate Agents advertising on Neighbourly!

I see a real estate salesperson has started advertising houses on Neighbourly (at least 5 ads so far). How long is it until every house for sale, open home, … is clogging up the noticeboard? No folks, I’m not going to link to the ad from here 😦 Last week we had a real estate…

Evaluation of the WordPress Highwind Theme

This hosted WordPress blog uses the free Highwind theme (sadly now retired I see; this probably means you cannot use this theme now). View the Demo. On this page we will evaluate this theme according to my criteria (also at the bottom of this page). I have been using WordPress with this theme for almost…

Poem for when someone special is no longer here

When someone special is no longer here, regardless whether the someone special is a person, a cat, or even a fridge, this poem may bring some relief (a couple of words have been edited). Enjoy 🙂

Frosty: The final Chapter (and Verse)

Below is the final chapter in the saga of Frosty. Look here for the backstory. Frosty is gone. Long live Frostette! You may also like to read When tomorrow starts without me.