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True genius Choose a new keyword or dateSheet you prompt will calculateNew spreadsheet thusTrue geniusFor you links too will update Alan Grace5 October 2018 You can download my Excel spreadsheet below to view today’s daily prompt (from last year) or type in your own keyword in the green…

Thank you 100+ faithful followers

Thank you faithful followers Most faithful followers confessed faceless Post likers neither placeless nor traceless When welcome for blog stop Then some more on-board hop Host trait gratefulness best guessed non-baseless Alan Grace 25 March 2018 Daily prompt: Faceless

Puppy Love

Puppy love Do you know the powers due to true love Bestowed by Zeus in Olympus above Prayers to fond Gods hours dwell there Not e’er in dispute well I swear This true bond of my cute new puppy love Alan Grace 3 March 2018 Daily prompt: Above Puppy Love And they called it puppy…

Finally: A Winter’s Peace

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My soul has been sleeping finally rest is at hand the snow has capped the mountains peacefully coating the land ? The time has come for a long winter’s nap so much holiday cheer all my energy has been zapped ? Taking comfort feeling the wind in the trees…

The AAAmazing Phoenix

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There’s a reason you lived in Phoenix until you were three. One day, you’d need to know how to walk into the fire and burn, emerging from the ashes– a fierce-some creature men tell legends about.