Twenty Eighteen Theme

Originally posted on The AAAmazing Phoenix:
Twenty Eighteen Theme Let’s start a conversation From my WordPress workstation Give me a clean Twenty Eighteen Theme without obfuscation Alan Grace 2 January 2018 Daily prompt: Conversation I am starting to doubt if there will ever be a Twenty Eighteen WordPress Theme. I have been waiting (in vain)…

These ads don’t sparkle

These ads don’t sparkle Things matriarchal or patriarchal In internet ads all seem to sparkle Obscene on prime screen Gasoline if seen

Skip ads

Skip ads Header post’s a better snippet If we see ad occur skip it Obscene on prime screen Gasoline if seen

Bad business

Bad business This business practice is so bad No success just silence I’m glad No honky tonk Though sign says HONK

Dubious ads

Dubious ads We seek to not have seen These ads on the home screen Sleeze ads dubious Freeze me rubious

Transgressive ads

Transgressive ads I won’t wish to sniff sky high whiff Of ads round head like my nigh riff WordPress transgressed said gaffe Forbid this naff riffraff

A black day

It was a black day when ads started appearing on my top screen in my blog (when I wasn’t logged in to WordPress). I had a minimal header and header post so that my latest post could be seen on the first page. No ads here It is really mean and obscene Ads to insert…