Time to retire

Time to retire I’m mired in crossfire Past time to retire Last loss prime planned rhyme And reason sublime Grand stand please admire Alan Grace 31 July 2018 Admire Poetry   I will probably be stopping my blogging from tomorrow until WordPress 5.0 arrives. My reasons are: My theme may not work with WordPress 5.0…

Dream theme

Dream theme My dream theme would have twinkly stars Tag clouds up to the size of Mars Indexed blog posts rolling With infinite scrolling ALL CAPS canned for life behind bars Alan Grace 1 May 2018 What’s on your wish list for a WordPress theme? A few notable changes would improve the theme [Dyad 2]…

Vote out ALL CAPS

Vote out ALL CAPS Improving the themes is quotable Changing it seems should be votable Which will come first This one the worst SHED HEADINGS ALL CAPS screams notable Alan Grace 28 April 2018 Daily prompt: Notable

ALL CAPS is a dog

ALL CAPS is a dog All CAPS is a broken cog A shipwreck rock in the fog Everyone prefers Not to have the cur’s Tail wagging the surly dog Alan Grace 27 April 2018 Daily prompt: Cur  

ALL CAPS bad taste

ALL CAPS bad taste Decisions made by secret ballot Can be very hard on the palate ALL CAPS a waste Leaves a bad taste Hit it on the head with a mallet Alan Grace 22 April 2018 Daily prompt: Mallet See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=+all+caps


Fix ALL CAPS Some say your forecast is dim Come weigh more chances as slim CAPS they say do not transgress Seize the day I pray WordPress Please go way out on a limb Alan Grace 1 March 2018 Daily prompt: Dim See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=+all+caps PS This elephant’s out of the room 🙂  


No ALL CAPS I had a bad premonition About the sad imposition Of ALL CAPS in menus The saga continues WordPress please be a magician Alan Grace 28 February 2018 Daily prompt: Premonition Imagination

ALL CAP is crap

ALL CAP is crap ALL CAPs is source of vexation And of eternal damnation All Themes of WordPress Dreams no CAPS I guess Please show some imagination Alan Grace 27 February 2018 Daily prompt: Imagination See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/theme/

Sacred cow

Sacred cow Should we find it all very suspicious Could Twenty Eighteen theme be fictitious I do not want a row Is this a sacred cow Would WordPress be now just too ambitious Alan Grace 15 February 2018 Daily prompt: Suspicious    

Twenty Eighteen Theme

Twenty Eighteen Theme Oh please I do not want a big lecture Twenty Eighteen theme seems a conjecture Will next theme not be seen Until Twenty Nineteen Till WordPress updates its architecture Alan Grace 14 February 2018 Daily Prompt: Lecture

Please guide me

Please guide me Heed my plea please all agree Foresee black hole category Please guide me chaps Flee themes ALL CAPS Feed me the best strategy Alan Grace 22 January 2018 Daily prompt: Strategy

Head in the Cloud II

Head in the Cloud II There was an old man in the Cloud Of my WordPress theme he’s not proud Why ALL CAPS muddy Most themes I study Shouts out loud should not be allowed Alan Grace 16 January 2018 Daily Prompt: Study

Head in the Cloud

Head in the Cloud There was an old man in the Cloud Blogging that he was very proud Of adult entertainment Now waiting for arraignment Shouting ALL CAPS should be allowed Alan Grace 15 January 2018 Daily prompt: Entertain

Twenty Eighteen

Twenty Eighteen My heart is torn my hopes forlorn Could I have sworn at year’s dawn morn Should the year’s theme be seen Or will Twenty Eighteen Depart stillborn or still be born Alan Grace 9 January 2018 Daily prompt: Forlorn Also see: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/theme/

Don’t go over to the dark side

Don’t go over to the dark side Please don’t look at me with derision Please don’t tease me with tunnel vision Listen up chaps I hate ALL CAPS Please funnel time for caps revision Alan Grace 8 January 2018 Daily prompt: Funnel This theme is not something I would normally choose: I hate All CAPS…

You can’t win them all

You can’t win them all To some my winsome site looks gruesome New themes I just knew to review some To like I refuse All caps in menus

Twenty Eighteen Theme

Originally posted on The AAAmazing Phoenix:
Twenty Eighteen Theme Let’s start a conversation From my WordPress workstation Give me a clean Twenty Eighteen Theme without obfuscation Alan Grace 2 January 2018 Daily prompt: Conversation I am starting to doubt if there will ever be a Twenty Eighteen WordPress Theme. I have been waiting (in vain)…


SHEDDING HUGE HEADINGS Bizarre crumby settings do not misjudge By far not yummy like chocolate fudge Without our dream basics quite right No doubt ours seems a sick shite site

I have changed my WordPress Theme again!

Today, I started using the Twenty Seventeen Word Press theme. Previously I was using the Shoreditch theme. After looking at another blog using the current theme, I noticed that this new theme could be set up to do most of what I wanted.

Evaluation of the WordPress Highwind Theme

This hosted WordPress blog aaamazingsite.wordpress.com uses the free Highwind theme (sadly now retired I see; this probably means you cannot use this theme now). View the Demo. On this page we will evaluate this theme according to my criteria (also at the bottom of this page). I have been using WordPress with this theme for almost…

Getting Started in WordPress

My second and third posts were just put in to see how a few themes worked for me in WordPress. I had a few things on my wishlist. I wanted to be able to: Have a menu that only had the first letter of each word in Capitals. I hate seeing menu items with all…

Exploring WordPress

On Thursday I spent a little time exploring WordPress. In particular since this blog is my journey, I wanted to have an option (preferred) to see the posts in chronological order (from oldest to newest) rather than seeing the usual revere chronological order (most recent first). I also wanted my first post to be always…