Facebook outlook

Facebook outlook A rivulet gentle and slow Soon became a much larger flow Cambridge Analytica made Users go quicker thicker fade Outflow will more torrential grow Alan Grace 29 April 2018 Daily prompt: Rivulet See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/facebook/

Vote out ALL CAPS

Vote out ALL CAPS Improving the themes is quotable Changing it seems should be votable Which will come first This one the worst SHED HEADINGS ALL CAPS screams notable Alan Grace 28 April 2018 Daily prompt: Notable

ALL CAPS is a dog

ALL CAPS is a dog All CAPS is a broken cog A shipwreck rock in the fog Everyone prefers Not to have the cur’s Tail wagging the surly dog Alan Grace 27 April 2018 Daily prompt: Cur  

First date: Let me elaborate

Formulate First date: Let me elaborate Cogitate Ruminate Appreciate Salivate Fixate Oscillate Debate Capitulate Contemplate Abdicate Germinate Inundate Elevate Inchoate Blind-date Anticipate Dominate Interest-rate Orchestrate Activate Celebrate Great First-rate Chocolate Checkmate! Alan Grace 26 April 2018 Daily prompt: Elaborate Inchoate

Unbox social media detox

Unbox social media detox Before you take an emergency break A social media detox partake Trip to China Is much finer Than tension headache from devil’s food cake Alan Grace 23 April 2018 Daily prompt: Partake

ALL CAPS bad taste

ALL CAPS bad taste Decisions made by secret ballot Can be very hard on the palate ALL CAPS a waste Leaves a bad taste Hit it on the head with a mallet Alan Grace 22 April 2018 Daily prompt: Mallet See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=+all+caps

Under the influence?

Under the influence? Are these issues authentic Could they be schizophrenic Maybe we will see Drugs like LSD Be hallucinogenic Alan Grace 21 April 2018 daily prompt: Authentic

Vanishing point [aka Hell’s front lines](an acrostic)

Vanishing point [aka Hell’s front lines] Parallel lines meet in Hell Alarm bell may be bomb shell Raising hell vilely as well A death yell high decibel Lines like l’s we pray foretell Like Hell’s l’s seem parallel Every spell the death knell Liberty bell fare thee well Alan Grace 20 April 2018 daily prompt:…

Sweet toxic addiction

Sweet toxic addiction For the net I try not to fret Shan’t get upset high can’t forget It is nice I know My vice not to show Every day from dawn to sunset Alan Grace 18 April 2018 P.S. My trip and detox are over. I saw the film below on my trip. Maybe I…

Crypto curtain call

Crypto curtain call Very few can make a great haul New short fall can be your downfall Traditional view Applies to you too Great fall will be our curtain call Alan Grace 7 April 2018 NB. My social media detox starts this afternoon. Daily prompt: Haul Which view of my posts do you like best?…

Analysis paralysis

Analysis Paralysis Amid S.O.S. crypto slid low bid My rigid body is frozen frigid Any countermove Easy to disprove I can’t move an eyelid heaven forbid Alan Grace 6 April 2018 Daily prompt: Frigid

Cryptocurrency tax

NZ IRD explores Crypto tax Profits flee through the back door Freed from crypto candy store You can’t beat me It’s property The I R D underscore Alan Grace 4 April 2018 Daily prompt: Explore Note: There are currently at least 1600 cryptocurrencies.

Social media detox

_________________________________________________ Reminder: My detox starts on Saturday 7 April …….. I’ll be back! _________________________________________________ Social media detox No more a prisoner of war Freed from the social candy store I need a detox I’m on WordPress rocks Time to south pacific explore Alan Grace 4 April 2018 Daily prompt: Explore Goin’ on a cruise this…

Face(book) down

Face(book) down Now many will see abient Facebook’s negative gradient When price fails deeper down We’ll see less score a frown Faces will look more radiant Alan Grace 3 April 2018 Daily prompt: Radiant Zucked out Facebook share price – latest stock value after shares fall by more than the value of Starbucks following Cambridge Analytica…