Facebook users betrayed

Facebook users betrayed Is this charade of decade For Facebook no accolade Access not a good look To data on Facebook Users dismayed feel betrayed Alan Grace 31 March 2018 Daily prompt: Betrayed Cambridge Analytica reportedly still hasn’t deleted Facebook user data

How superficial are you?

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How superficial are you? Oh Social MEdia detox sounds good Oh go (shall we dare?) online if it would (Oh No!) get in the way YOLO every day FOMO also not so misunderstood Alan Grace 9 October…

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian Belle’s low cries for food were frantic Her appetite is gigantic Tho she’d had some before She would cry out for more Long arm of the paw pedantic Alan Grace 30 March 2018 Daily prompt: Frantic

Bad Friday*

Bad [Fri]day* [Why] [/] [where] will it hit? The Chinese are frantic On [my] [/] [their] land, Pacific or Atlantic Hydrazine Worst we’ve seen Can kill millions* [and] [will] mean[s] widespread panic Alan Grace 30 March 2018 * poetic license? Now expected to land today (Monday NZ time 2 April). [letters in brackets optional- which…


Quartet At Easter please do not forget These three you see we owe more debt Holy Trinity All divinity Save yourself create a quartet Alan Grace 29 March 2018 Daily prompt: Quartet Turn! Turn! Turn! The Byrds To everything (turn, turn, turn) There is a season (turn, turn, turn) And a time to every purpose,…


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she stands still listening to the audience beyond the curtain seated out past the stage there’s a drone, a buzz there’s a fish swimming in her belly heart pounding blood feeling electric in her veins the adrenaline rush of excitement that familiar moment of panic will the…

Thank you 100+ faithful followers

Thank you faithful followers Most faithful followers confessed faceless Post likers neither placeless nor traceless When welcome for blog stop Then some more on-board hop Host trait gratefulness best guessed non-baseless Alan Grace 25 March 2018 Daily prompt: Faceless

Humanity Star XII: Fall from grace

Fall from grace Humanity Star trash can talisman Man’s attention span less than felled lifespan Today time can tell Clue near where you fell [Ban] [Brand] Beck a true space race Renaissance man Alan Grace 23 March 2018 What should the first word be on the last line? Daily prompt: Talisman See: http://www.satview.org/spacejunk.php https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/humanity-star-satellite-orbit-degrades-intl-style/index.html http://www.thehumanitystar.com/…

Humanity Star XI: falling star

Humanity Star falls Falling small Star may be invisible Great O* Disco Ball way still risible Friday G O D B Will become history Appalling ball always nil visible Alan Grace 22 March 201 * Orbiting (not for long). See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/2018/02/05/humanity-star-x/ Daily prompt: Invisible Controversial Humanity Star Satellite Is Falling Out of Space http://www.thehumanitystar.com/ See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/space/

Points to ponder

Points to ponder Starfish bodies shaped like a pentacle Prayed pondering points ecumenical Thy odd sky high five alarm fire Why God made joints leg or arm dire Quite identical aped a tentacle Alan Grace 21 March 2018 Daily prompt: Identical

Bitcoin bluff

Bitcoin bluff Enough to make a blind man blush Won’t bluff against a royal flush Market timing’s futile Bitcoin’s too volatile Don’t start blind man’s buff fool’s gold rush Alan Grace 20 March 2018 daily prompt: Blush Animal Alpha – Deep In His life has been stolen from him I’ve got it perfectly right, it…

Buying Bitcoin: Newsflash- Bitcoin under $7500; Ripple under 58 cents

Buying Bitcoin Buying Bitcoin use your patience You must sit sans past complacence Don’t you pass smart class clown Crypto slow up fast down Sit on hands and use common sense Alan Grace 19 March 2018 Daily prompt: Patience In about two weeks Bitcoin has dropped about $3500. See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/tag/bitcoin/ At 8.25 am this morning NZ time:

Bursting Bitcoin bubble: Bitcoin under $8000 again; Ripple under 64 cents

Bursting Bitcoin bubble Great bubble’s burst rate will incubate Past due date first inflate start birthrate Don’t you pass smart class clown Go slow up faster down Fixate checkmate on fate late floodgate Alan Grace 18 March 2018 Daily prompt: Incubate Google will bans ads for cryptocurrencies, wallets, and exchanges on its platforms. See video…


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The Heart and Soul Nebulae – photo by NASA avalanching ethers burst among solar flares explosive with locust bytes swarming in broadband storms chomping through dark matter orbits dimming the starlight with sensory overload to then disappear massive cloud after cloud into gestating bellies of Cancer and Capricorn reborn…

Before I Die

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Before I Die . Before I die I will write a song so you can hear how love should sing. Take a selfie in clown face to remind you laughter heals everything. Give you all of the possessions I ever lost because appreciation is the key. On my final…

Pi Day applause

Pi Day applause It’s Pi day today so make some noise Enjoy circles in toys girls and boys Roughly we have seen It’s three point fourteen Enough to find length around round toys Alan Grace March 14 (3.14) 2018 Daily prompt: Noise   See: https://futurism.com/pi-day-picoin/ See: https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/corny-math-jokes-pi-day/    

Crypto Roller Coaster

Crypto Roller Coaster Heart pounding my mouth agasp White-knuckled my fists I clasp Stomach churning inside A roller coaster ride Profits falling from my grasp Alan Grace 14 March 2018 Daily prompt: Grasp Churn

Crypto sidelines

Crypto sidelines Cryptocurrencies are captivating Though best to stay on the sidelines waiting Don’t be a clown Less up than down Potential losses are aggravating Alan Grace 13 March 2018 Daily prompt: Captivating

Be on the Crypto sidelines

Be on the Crypto sidelines Crypto prices will meander Can’t smooth with electric sander Don’t be a clown Less up than down It’s best to be a bystander Alan Grace 12 March 2018 So much for a social media detox. This post is dedicated to my latest follower. See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/addiction/ Daily prompt: Meander   Kubla Khan…


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“Addiction” by Howard Lancaster neurochemistry twisted and kinked ropes of darkness hang brains from powdercoat gallows transmuting the psyche disabling the organs of dreams choking choice freely burning all natural identity down to black ash here the predator heat of ferocious scaled cravings turns tissues to sopping with alien…

Ipso facto Crypto: Bitcoin under $10,000; Ripple under 88 cents

Ipso facto Crypto Crypto don’t interact or make a contact Know a true fact that two opposites attract No there won’t be any So don’t risk a penny Oh quit Bitcoin and Ripple contract impact Alan Grace 8 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fact At 3.10 pm today NZ time:

Dance facts

Dance facts She would not interact or make eye contact It’s a true fact that two opposites attract There cannot be many Who’d live with a Jenny Exactly twenty-two years and that’s a fact Alan Grace 8 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fact Facts: Jenny and I met at a dance in 1996- she was sitting in…

The right position

The right position When one is sawing a branch off a tree One needs to be sited comfortably Saw it all right Use your insight Please be seated rightly unlike these three Alan Grace 7 March 2018 Daily prompt: Branch

A typical workout

Blog fit for purpose I’ll not be a fleet athlete With all the sweet treats I eat I’ll not be a jogger A Post a Day blogger My neat complete work[out][sheet] feat Alan Grace 4 January 2018 Daily prompt:   Treat Typical Let your fingers do the walking:

Wanna do the time warp (again)?

Wanna do the time warp? Is talk of trouble bubble overrated Bitcoin hyperdrive move up fabricated Will the fabric of time Prove more warped than sublime Staying away may be appreciated Alan Grace 5 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fabric Bitcoin is now over $5000 above it’s lowest point this year when it was below $6500….

No plastic

No plastic Her tutus were made of classic fabric Too drastic if they were suede or plastic Her ballet shoes And green tutus Such a tragic trick would create panic Alan Grace 5 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fabric See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=elephant

Untidy room

Untidy room Claire’s parents refused to feed her unless she Tidied her room today nevertheless she Fled hungry to bed Sent not being fed Because Claire’s bedroom was way very messy Alan Grace 4 March 2018 Daily prompt: Messy

Puppy Love

Puppy love Do you know the powers due to true love Bestowed by Zeus in Olympus above Prayers to fond Gods hours dwell there Not e’er in dispute well I swear This true bond of my cute new puppy love Alan Grace 3 March 2018 Daily prompt: Above Puppy Love And they called it puppy…


Fix ALL CAPS Some say your forecast is dim Come weigh more chances as slim CAPS they say do not transgress Seize the day I pray WordPress Please go way out on a limb Alan Grace 1 March 2018 Daily prompt: Dim See: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/?s=+all+caps PS This elephant’s out of the room 🙂