COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 30 ~ Post#913: World COVID-19~ People infected ten times number of cases?

Excerpts from a recent social media post: It is important to understand the difference between Case Fatality Rate (CFR) and Infection Fatality Rate (IFR). IFR is the figure we need to focus on. A comprehensive Stanford University study showed that, across 51 locations, the median COVID-19 IFR was 0.2%. This shows very clearly that the…

The right position

The right position When one is sawing a branch off a tree One needs to be sited comfortably Saw it all right Use your insight Please be seated rightly unlike these three Alan Grace 7 March 2018 Daily prompt: Branch

No plastic

No plastic Her tutus were made of classic fabric Too drastic if they were suede or plastic Her ballet shoes And green tutus Such a tragic trick would create panic Alan Grace 5 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fabric See:


Fix ALL CAPS Some say your forecast is dim Come weigh more chances as slim CAPS they say do not transgress Seize the day I pray WordPress Please go way out on a limb Alan Grace 1 March 2018 Daily prompt: Dim See: PS This elephant’s out of the room 🙂  

The Prima Ballerina III

The Prima Ballerina III A ballet queen extremely elegant My prima ballerina elephant This dance genius is my muse In green tutus and ballet shoes Her purchases hardly extravagant Alan Grace 18 January 2018 She’s extremely agile and light on her feet- the tightrope doesn’t appear to be bending! She’s thinking about buying cryptocurrency but…

The Prima Ballerina II

The Prima Ballerina II A ballet queen extremely elegant My prima ballerina elephant This dance genius is my muse In green tutus and ballet shoes

The Contortionist

The Contortionist A dancer very gymnastic A contortionist fantastic Tres elegant An elephant

The Prima Ballerina

The Prima Ballerina A ballet queen very intelligent Ballerina extremely elegant In green tutus and ballet shoes

The fashionable fashion queen

The fashionable fashion queen A fashion queen very intelligent Fuchsia-finished extremely elegant In green tutu tres a la mode In ballet-shoes smiling tip-toed A friendly fluffy faux-furred elephant Alan Grace 6 October 2017 Such elegance 🙂 Daily prompt: Fashionable Elegance

The Elegant Elephant

The Elegant Elephant My fitness is fairly pathetic My physique uniquely athletic I am in need Of work indeed And exercise more energetic Alan Grace 3 October 2017 Such elegance 🙂 Daily prompt: Athletic Elegance

A relevant development

A relevant development The Police paused perplexed pondered the development A friendly fluffy fuchsia faux-furred elephant Tip-toed in tiny tutu By State Highway twenty-two Why wait? What way would we see it be irrelevant? Alan Grace 24 September 2017 Daily prompt: Irrelevant