Boycott Real Estate Agents advertising on Neighbourly!

I see a real estate salesperson has started advertising houses on Neighbourly (at least 5 ads so far). How long is it until every house for sale, open home, … is clogging up the noticeboard? No folks, I’m not going to link to the ad from here 😦

Last week we had a real estate salesperson promoting himself on Neighbourly 😦

I suggest everyone boycotts real estate people  listing houses on Neighbourly on the Noticeboard.

Also boycott all other companies advertising on Neighbourly on the Noticeboard.

I also recommend members do not list their properties with real estate people (or Real Estate Companies) who use Neighbourly as a marketing tool! We don’t want the Noticeboard clogged up by homes for sale or open homes (except if they are for sale privately).

We don’t want houses advertised on Neighbourly by Real estate Agents!



Below is my reply to the latest real estate ad (it has been deleted):


My reply has been deleted from Neighbourly. Here’s my latest post. See:



Sadly my latest post has been put on hold by Neighbourly (extract from email below):


And my ‘on hold’ post:


Below is my edited version. Let’s see if Neighbully accepts my edits.


Still ‘removed’ 😦


An email from one of the Neighbourly Team (NT) has basically said that Neighbourly is a business and NT has not made any secret of this.

It is very strange for any company (including Neighbourly) to expect to have a successful business if it ignores its members. Removing posts, refusing to listen to its members, and refusing to fix bugs is a bad way to do business.

I will simply boycott (not do any business with) any company that advertises on Neighbourly (on the Noticeboard) unless it has a really great member-only offer. I have not seen a single member-only offer.

In particular I will not look any property advertised on Neighbourly by a Real Estate company on the Noticeboard or list my property with any company that does this.

When companies realise the damage they are doing to their brand maybe they will not think of Neighbourly as  a cheap place to advertise.


NT has refused to reinstate my post. I am sure they had no intention to reinstate it anyway. Here is the latest email:


My latest reply is below:


I wonder if NT thinks the bugs that it has refused to fix up are features too?

e.g. When you want to see the next picture in a post/reply, you have to click the left button when you want to see the next picture on the right.

NT doesn’t know right from left.

Or right from wrong apparently 😦


I recommend everyone turn off business posts (see bottom right in the image below).
I’ve now done this.


Sadly this won’t stop the sponsored tyre ad that took up a column-page this morning (Thursday). 😦 Just Boycott companies that advertise on the Noticeboard!

We couldn’t even see any members’ posts without scrolling down a page or collapsing the ad 😦

What’s the point of turning off business posts and still getting business posts?

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