Neighbourly Leads: Why won't NT listen to their feedback? Why are NT sacking Leads?

The above questions are of course rhetorical.

The Neighbourly team (NT) never had any intention of listening to what the Leads (or members) had to say. Sadly NT has not shown any interest in fixing the bugs (they probably regard them as features) that they have been aware about for years 😦 Active members are getting tired of Oops and Woah (sic) messages. They are tired of having to work around the issues.

A number of Leads have donated their valuable time to help improve the site only to be sacked or give up in frustration.



Tom, a usability expert (UX specialist), was ignored. Eventually he gave up being a Lead.

Robyn freely donated her time. As a lawyer you can imagine what her time was worth. NT appreciated her so much they sacked her as a Lead 😦

Alan (me) will have a separate post about his experiences.

Alan and Robyn were both Titirangi leads. Both have been sacked as Leads by NT.

Robyn’s accepted invites (about 315) deserves a special mention. This means that  315 members have joined Neighbourly from Robyn’s invites.

Alan’s accepted invites (138) pales in comparison but you need to take into consideration that the only remaining Lead has not had anyone accept any invitations he has made (if any).

At the end of June this year, all other Titirangi members has 20 or less accepted invites.

Over 450 members have joined Neighbourly directly as a result of Robyn’s and Alan’s accepted invites. When you consider how many members have joined through the invites of members that Alan and Robyn have invited, it is possible that up to 75% of Titirangi members have joined Neighbourly indirectly (down the line) from Alan’s and Robyn’s invites.

Even if you ignore NT’s inflated membership figures (a future post; there are about 300 more members in Titirangi according to NT than can be accounted for by the membership list) about 20% of Titirangi’s members have joined Neighbourly directly through Alan and Robyn.

Now Alan has been kicked out of Neighbourly by NT.

Titirangi used to have five leads. Apart from Alan and Robyn, the remaining three Leads (in total) had less than 10 members join Neighbourly 😦

Titirangi used to be the suburb with the fifth highest number of members in the county.

Just in case triplicate is not enough:


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