AAAmazing will become a “live” time capsule

Changes to Alan Grace’s first blog (AAAmazing) are embargoed forever from the end of this month (tomorrow, 31 August, 2017).

The current blog, The Amazing Phoenix, will still have new posts.

From the end of this month (August 2017) there will be no changes made to Alan Grace’s first blog at

There may only be one extra post added similar to this page.

Apart from changes being embargoed in Alan’s first blog, it may be still viewed.


This is the second time Alan has created a live time capsule like this.

In 2008, Alan Grace was made redundant at AUT University after teaching there for over 21 years.



Alan’s online material at that time, in The Showcase (an AUTonline Blackboard course), was available to over 21,000 AUT students mainly for learning AUTonline, academic writing (including referencing using EndNote), and Microsoft Office.

Alan’s website at that time became another “live” time capsule. The website was also part of The Showcase. The website was embedded within the showcase.

The website still exists today, nine years later.

Below is part of one landing page for Alan’s website material.


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