Skytower free today (NZ residents only)

Today’s Freebie: Wanna go up the Skytower for free today (NZ residents only Thursday 3 August)? Remember your ID! See:


Just got back from the Skytower before middday. No passports required. My hand was stamped to prove I was a local (and not from a Galaxy far far away I suppose). Then eventually up the lift to floor/Area 51. Great view looking down the glass floor section of the lift as it went up. Any aliens on Floor/Area 51 appeared to be of humanoid shape. The glass floor panels were stated to be 38 mmm thick and as strong as the concrete floor. I hope this didn’t mean that the concrete floor was only as strong as the glass. Then up to Floor 60 for a better look around. Queue not bad going up. A longer queue to come down than to go up. Make the time to go up (free only today) if you haven’t been up for a while. Remember your ID to prove you’re not an alien.

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