What is Neighbourly's Exit Strategy?

It is recommended that companies have an exit strategy in place even before a company starts up. This may involve a sale process and/or a succession plan.

I am sure Neighbourly is no exception.

What is Neighbourly’s Exit Strategy?


Neighbourly’s first aim appears to grow a database.

Neighbourly states that all members are address-verified.

Neighbourly may wish to become a Trademe wannabe.

Remember the best way to make money off Neighbourly is to sell it. Think of TradeMe. Sold to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ$700 million: en.wikipedia.org – Trade Me – Wikipedia.

In the long-term Neighbourly will ultimately change hands.

Many Internet companies do not need to be making a profit in order to realise a good sale price.

The value presently for Neighbourly is in its database of address-verified members and its potential.

Will Neighbourly be sold off to the highest bidder? If so, what happens to the member’s private information?


What will happen to your personal information?

Will Neighbourly try to monetise that too?

Is Neighbourly like Jekyll and Hyde?

Maybe Neighbourly needs to look in the mirror:


I’ll leave the last word for grumpy Cat:



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