Is my aversion for real estate ads the main reason I was kicked off Neighbourly?

Are house for sale ads (and other commercial posts) on the Neighbourly Noticeboards the main reason I was kicked off Neighbourly?
See: Is “Neighbourly” just a “TradeMe Wannabe”?

No members I contacted yesterday were aware that Neighbourly is advertising houses for sale. This seems to be a well kept secret. Sad of course for the home owners expecting a house to sell from these ads since virtually no one knows they exist.

How soon will it be before every house listed for sale by Neighbourly and every open home appears on the Noticeboard? Maybe eventually for the whole of Auckland in each Auckland suburb?

Good luck finding members posts when this happens!

Members don’t want ads/ business posts stopping them from seeing their own member posts immediately 😦




Already each sponsored ad on the Noticeboard makes it impossible to see any member posts. Even when Members turn off business ads these “sponsored” ads remain. Obviously another deliberate feature designed by NT 😦

Maybe Neighbourly does not like any point of view except their own? A rhetorical question of course 😦

Remember all you need to do  to get rid of ads is to refuse to buy anything from people paying for the commercial ads or to use their services. Let companies know the damage to their brand far outweighs any benefit they may receive.

Ramming advertising down members’ throats is not going to encourage members to buy.

I believe NT has a high/heavy-handed hard-line bullying totalitarian sledgehammer approach that is losing the goodwill of members except perhaps for the 99% of members (lurkers) who by definition seldom (if ever) contribute anything and would not buy anything commercially through Neighbourly anyway.

NT’s approach is not congruent with the ideals of what Neighbourly should be all about or of New Zealand culture 😦

NT needs to consider whether their physical neighbours would be talking to them if they treated them the way they treat the members. NT is not being “neighbourly” and would not be a good neighbour 😦

Just because NT gives themselves the right to do these things; it does not mean that it is the right thing to do 😦


So long as what you say does not affect Neighbourly’s business interests the Neighbourly Team (NT)  don’t care of course what you think or feel (they have shown no interest in fixing any bugs [unless they affect the business users]; they probably want you to regard them as features).

Remember the window washers at intersections only exist because people pay them.

Boycott all companies with business ads on your Neighbourly Noticeboard!

Maybe email them a link to this blog (perhaps copy and paste what is below if you like):

Neighbourly members like myself do not appreciate business ads on our Noticeboard.
We will not do any business with any company which advertises on our Noticeboard and we will Boycott any company that does this. Advertising on our Noticeboard is simply bad business and is likely to damage your brand. You may like to read this blog:

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