Neighbully hijacks "hijacked" post

Frosty will not be back.
Frosty is gone.
Many people supported ‘K’ (Frosty’s owner) at this sad time.
Even the Neighbourly Team (NT) said it was “so great to see you have the support of your neighbourhood during this time.”

So what did NT do to support K?

The NT cyber police  gave/ emailed K a ticket 😦  [Ticket#584198]

The cyber bullies even disabled replies to her post 😦

The ticket was issued by the Neighbourly Community Engagement Manager 😦




NT even gave a link about hijacking:

Hijacking posts on Neighbourly


They said the conversation had gone a “bit off track.”
They said “we are so sorry to hear about your cat Frosty.”

Frosty is not a cat!
Frosty is a __________ .

No wonder NT thought the conversation had gone off track!
They had not even read the original post 😦

It’s NT that deserves demerit point thinking Frosty was a cat.


Shame on you NT for thinking Frosty was a cat. You should have read the post 😦

Only NT could conclude that the thread had been hijacked without even reading the original post 😦









Maybe K will have to accept that Frosty is a cat …. Surely Neighbully never gets it wrong/ can do no wrong (according to them)? 😦

Help! Neighbully has finally got to K. She thinks Frosty was a cat and Frostette is a kitten! The men in white coats (not Frosty/Frostette suits) will come to take her away 😦

She’s trying to get her food out of a kitten!

Maybe Neighbully does not do the right thing all the time after all?






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