Alan’s Ark: Guidelines; More Daily Prompts

Update: No more Daily Prompt announcements. See:

Remember to read the prompt suggestions and guidelines further down this page 🙂

This blog is a way of ‘paying it forward’ to those bloggers who have followed my blog and liked my posts. See:

Warning: Links starting with flakback will link to my other blog.

Each day, please create a post based on this list of old prompts (use today’s date from 2016).


I have decided to extend the number of choices for the Daily Prompt for each day.

Here are some additional choices for you for a Daily Prompt
[Remember to include today’s prompt from this list of old prompts
(use today’s date from 2016); read the guidelines below]:

  1. Continue using the recycled prompts from two years ago.
    You will find a list at the bottom of these posts:
    (please read my Help post). You can also look at this list of old prompts.
  2. Why not use the Word of the Day from this site:
  3. Maybe use a word from today’s Quote of the Day at: or create a post based on the quote or a previous quote.
  4. Create a post based on one of the Photos of the Day at

    (include the picture in your post).
  5. Choose say the longest word in the first two lines in the body of this Random post of mine as your prompt (it’s best to use the RANDOM POST menu). If it’s too easy or hard or not suitable for you for any reason, choose the longest word in the next two lines etc or choose another random post.
  6. Here is a random list of prompts. There are 50 randomly selected prompts in the list chosen from 820 prompts from the WordPress Daily Prompt site. I will change the list occasionally depending on demand.You can choose from the list of prompts, the prompt number for today’s date e.g. #14 on 14 June. You can also make a random selection for your prompt. Just think of a number from 1 to 50 and that word in the list of prompts will be your Daily Prompt for today.
  7. You can recycle a Daily Prompt from someone else’s blog. See:
  8. If you have a favourite post, make up a Daily Prompt for that post, and use it for today’s prompt.
  9. Note: To avoid upsetting my followers with too many emails each day, I will only reblog a small number of posts each day. The links to any extra posts will be listed under the Daily Prompt announcement for each month. If there is no Reblog button on your blog (or if you create a pingback to this post), a link to your post will also be found under the Daily Prompt announcement for each day.
  10. For me to reblog your post, you will need to create a pingback in your post.
    To create a pingback copy and paste one of these three options into your post:


The idea of a daily prompt is to give you inspiration so you might like to choose one of the other options.

Guidelines for posting on this site:

  1. Please make sure your prompt word is clear in the heading for your post.
  2. I will ned to ReBlog your post manually to this blog. The best way for me to do that is for you to create a pingback to this post (this will appear at the bottom of this post). To do this is to read my Help page:
  3. I will not ReBlog any posts that I think my mother may not consider appropriate.
  4. Since I am ReBlogging your post(s), I it would be a great idea for you to ReBlog my Help page on your blog so that your followers and readers all know about this site. Please Reblog this page:
  5. Please follow my blogs. ReBlogs from my followers will be given priority.
    Next week ReBlogs may be limited to followers of this blog or my other blog:
  6. The best way to get an image in my ReBlog of your post is to make the image a Featured Image (under Status when you are creating or editing your post).
  7. To see what other posts have used the same prompt(s) as you, use the search box at the bottom of every page.

Good luck with your blogging 🙂



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