Is it aimless to reinvent Daily Prompts?

After the demise of new WordPress Daily Prompts I decided to set up a prototype blog to see now a blog could be set up for Daily Prompts.

A number of people set up blogs creating daily prompts containing links to other users posts.

I wanted to retain a similar look and feel to the original site using a WordPress theme.

I hope other people will set up blogs with a similar look and feel.

I am not sure if it is worthwhile continuing with daily prompts.

Below are my conclusions:

  1. The success of a Daily Prompt site requires reblogs (or links) to spread the word.
    I finally got my first reblog today. Thank you 🙂 See:
  2. I also prefer to reblog posts (rather than just have links to posts). Historically reblog buttons have had issues (see my poem below). A couple of users could not get the reblog button to appear on their blog even although their blogs appeared to have been set up to allow a reblog button.
  3. The new version of WordPress is likely to mean many WordPress themes will no longer exist (existing themes are likely to require modification to work with the new version). The theme I am using may not exist 😦
  4. I have offered suggestions for Daily Prompts from existing sites but no one has used these apart from the prompts I suggested recycling from two years ago.
  5. This month WordPress has twice stopped allowing pingbacks or posting to existing prompts on their Daily Prompt site. Sadly this has had a negative effect on the success of recycling prompts 😦
  6. I have also set up another blog promoting other Daily Prompt sites. See:
  7. It is very disappointing that WordPress has demonstrated that it is happy to destroy anything it has set up without consulting users 😦
  8. It appears a ‘wait and see’ approach may be best until the new version of WordPress is released.

Happy blogging



Also see:



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  1. I for one, am delighted you’ve managed to create a daily prompt. Although at first I had difficulty, it seems to be working. The decision to continue is yours. I have really appreciated it. So thank you 🙂

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      Thank you. Sadly there is still no Reblog button on your blog posts. All I can do is add a link (as I have done) below my Daily Prompt posts. This still works like the other prompt sites.

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      1. My son took a look, he can’t find a way to make it work. I added you to “Daily Post” and it should take me there, it’s the only solution I can find. There is no reblog button anywhere under any title to add. I’m frustrated, but delighted your here. Should you continue with the dialy post, you’ll find me here daily. smirk smirk.

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      2. AlanGraceNZ says:

        Hi. I suggest you send an email to Support [].
        The issue about the ReBlog button was sorted out to me in February this year eventually.

        Mike H. (Automattic)
        Feb 20, 09:18 UTC
        Hi there,
        Has the reblog option disappeared for everyone?
        Yes, we are seeing issues with the Reblog button disappearing right now, and it’s something we’re working on fixing across all sites. I can’t provide a specific estimate for when it will be fixed, but we’ll fix it automatically once the issue has been resolved.
        Please let me know if we can help with anything else.
        Mike H. – Happiness Engineer

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  2. Sorry I’ve not been around to take up the prompts. I’ve been trying to get my own blogging into gear so I have time to do more poetry and prompts. I’ve been behind had haven’t been visiting any prompts the last couple of weeks. Do you know if WP ever shared how we can make pingbacks appear like the daily prompt page, with an image and box link as opposed to just text?

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      ‘There is no way to do this. What @supernovia said was:
      if you have feature requests (like the ability to display pingbacks as a grid) let us know.
      Meaning, if enough people want something like that, we can open a feature request, and our developers can then look at the possibility of adding a feature like that. But currently that feature does not exist for regular sites – it was custom built for the theme the Daily Post uses.’

      The best I have come up with is what you have seen on my blog:

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      1. That’s such a shame, to take away the prompts but to not update the themes to allow us to be able to make a blog similar to the daily post is just so annoying and such a shame. How do we open a feature request though, I really have no idea how to do that :/

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      2. AlanGraceNZ says:

        Maybe look here to add a feature request:
        Good luck with that- WordPress is trying to get work completed on the next version of WordPress (5.0)

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