Alan’s Anarchy: Guidelines; More Daily Prompts

Alan's Ark: Daily Prompts 'Meta' blog

Here is a list of prompts (don’t open the list until you have read this page). There are 50 randomly selected prompts in the list chosen from 820 prompts from the WordPress Daily Prompt site. I will change the list every couple of weeks depending on demand.

I have decided to extend the number of choices for the Daily Prompt for each day.
It does not matter if everyone choses a different prompt.

Remember to read the guidelines further down this page 🙂

Here are some choices for you for a Daily Prompt
(remember to read the guidelines below):

  1. Continue using the recycled prompts from two years ago.
    You will find the list at the bottom of my Help post:
    (please read my Help post)
  2. You can choose from the list of prompts, the prompt number for today’s date e.g. #14 on 14 June. Remember the list of prompts…

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