Constant Companion

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A hunger, an appetite For more of what, I do not know Resides inside me all the time Tells me how to feel, where to go Will fight hard to get what’s mine Begrudges others getting theirs I try to feed it, it just wants more It…


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href=””>Patience</a&gt; I have just about found my poetry legs, To maintain a semblance of balance on this voyage of words. The ocean of ideas overwhelms me at times, At others I navigate through thoughts like an old hand. There are times when the waters are still and deep Words of wisdom…


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This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Affinity Pain is a faithful consort It seldom leaves my side Even when sunny days are here It lurks behind the smile. I wonder why it has affinity for me Am I a magnet for despair? Perhaps one day it may…

Unsold Companion Plots

By Hawkelson Rainier We walked among the headstones last autumn. The trees looked like fire; it could have been oil on canvas painted by Van Gogh during an absinthe delirium. We joked that we’d bargain shop for companion plots when we hit middle age. I’d check out first, around 85, and she’d follow soon after…

Companion and other Daily Prompts for 21 Jun 2018

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☀️ 🌤 Lazy Summer Daze ☀️ 🌤

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Kaleidoscopes  burning flame of golden, apricot shades glitter and gleam on the far off horizon. All… seems to me a faint memory. It’s warmth quiet and serene… Longing scenery. Transformation from the raw  senses of Winter’s rage… Taketh me away adrift on ocean waves of indigo… How I…

~*~ Soft Summer Breeze ~*~ (Poetry)

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? A sliver of the moon peaks behind  whispy clouds, while  dragonflies hover and   dance above the lake lined with lilies in bloom. The warm Summer breeze fulfills my senses with serenity and ease. ? Have a pleasant evening All, Beckie ? ? ? ? ? ?

Partake: An Egret on a Summer Day

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The egret partakes in the beauty of the day he and his shadow searching for food and comfort along the way ? What thoughts does he have strutting along the shore only thoughts of survival or is there more ? The coolness of the water in the hot summer…


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This post is in response to the daily word prompt anticipation and summer. As you wait in anticipation For a homespun verse On the words of the day Sorry to disappoint you all But I am feeling a wee bit lazy today. Summer does this to me very often.