Summer Pond

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Image from Richa Art Club ? placid glimmerglass sheen stretched canvas of forest and sky but I can’t find my youth in the diurnal scud of the clouds flying faster and further from halcyon days in the sun cooled by frolicsome leaps with my dog from the dock diving…

pearls of summer

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The waves are salty sea lions and the sky is a shadow of gulls. The summer sun spills down my throat and there is little need for words. The  sky is  jacaranda and the shore is willing to bear the imprint of my bare feet, slippery and wet. The…

Summer Sky

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And some days, the lonely heart, lay on barren lands and spoke to the summer sky, which did not ask how or why, it came to be. ? poetry and image copyright neha 2018

The Last Summer

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I have seen kisses dry embraces shrivel and the warmth of touches turn into scalding frictions of unfathomed rancour silhouetted against the sky I have felt our bodies char in the sweltering surly nights insentient of the placid moon when the tirades of reviling odium took over us…

Summer Daze

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I feel the sunshine on my face through emerald branches like delicate spider-web lace I feel the warm and soothing rays of those dreamy summer days I wish I could go back to that place…. © Kait King, 2015

Summer and other Daily Prompts for 20 Jun 2018

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haunting memories of her

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? Drink enough wine and combine them with lonesome thoughts and your mind can conjure anything.  Monday night, thoughts about what would happen to me if my precious Baby said goodbye, plagued me.  This is a product of that dispirited mood.  Something very different. . haunting memories of her…

Is it aimless to reinvent Daily Prompts?

After the demise of new WordPress Daily Prompts I decided to set up a prototype blog to see now a blog could be set up for Daily Prompts. A number of people set up blogs creating daily prompts containing links to other users posts. I wanted to retain a similar look and feel to the…