Bye to Daily Prompt announcements. 500 posts- Don’t sit on the fence

Don’t sit on the fence

No laws make flaws in my defence
Because justly it’s common sense
Lord say that I should
Pause prompts not for good
Trust I pray not to cause offense

Alan Grace
25 June 2018

This is my 500th post since I started blogging last June.

I have decided to post less until WordPress 5.0 arrives.

Thank you all for following my blog and ‘liking’ my posts.

I have decided to stop daily announcing Daily Prompts. This will allow your posts to be reblogged in any order.

Until WordPress 5.0 arrives, this blog will run more on autopilot (except for reblogs that I will still do- I have to do these manually).

I will still rebog your posts (for any date, in no particular order, including for my previously announced prompts) when I get pingbacks or comments (links to your posts) from you.

You can find over 800 daily prompts from the WordPress Daily Prompt site listed here.

Look at the first three posts for a monthly list of prompts for the rest of the year.

Please continue to recycle these prompts.

Daily prompts can only succeed with your support.

It is sad WordPress appears to have now stopped allowing any new posts on their Daily Prompt site (even for old prompts). Please check for each day- this morning it worked for today’s prompt (from 2016).

It is also sad that no one has reblogged any of my Daily Prompt announcement posts.

It is great to see the message ‘I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts’ (with a link to my post) in one person’s posts.

As I have already said the success of this blog depends on your support.

Hopefully this blog will generate ideas for more people to create similar Daily Post blogs.

See you more frequently when WordPress 5.0 arrives.

I’ll be back.

All the best with your blogging.

Keep requesting reblogs.




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