Robyn is back- but is not a Lead

Please see Farewell Robyn for the backstory.

Robyn is once again a member of Neighbourly, in Titirangi.

Sadly she is no longer a Lead.

She cannot reapply to be a Lead for a month, and even then no guarantee.


Below are one member’s thoughts (posted with permission):


Thank you Marion for openly expressing your point of view and for allowing me to include your thoughts in my blog.


Robyn is the second Titirangi lead to be “sacked”.

I wonder who was the first Lead in Titirangi to be sacked?



Oh, I remember, it was me (early last year)!

Maybe we have been the only two Leads who have been sacked?

And we are both from Titirangi.


Through Robyn’s invites, 315 people have joined Neighbourly.

The number of members who have joined Neighbourly from my invites, pales in comparison.

138 members have joined Neighbourly, Titirangi, from my own invites.


While Robyn did not invite me, it is possible that the person who invited me could have been invited to join Neighbourly by Robyn.


There are currently now three Leads in Titirangi.

Guess how many members have joined Neighbourly through their invites?

The answer it two!

A total of two members have joined Neighbourly through the invites of the current three Leads.

Frosty would make a far better Lead than these three. Sadly she does not live in Titirangi 😦


Robyn has also welcomed every member who has joined Neighbourly in Titirangi since she joined.

She has welcomed 2738 people to Neighbourly according to her stats.

Currently there are about 2004 members in Titirangi, excluding about 300 invented by the Neighbourly Team overnight towards the end of last year.


When you consider that Robyn and I have had over 450 members join Neighbourly from our invites, it is very likely that conservatively over half the members (and possibly three-quarters or more) in Titirangi have been invited by us or someone who we invited etc.

Sadly the Neighbourly Team does not appreciate our efforts 😦

Only Leads may be able to see this link:

Neighbourly: Big Brother? Nanny State? Police State? Cyber Nazis? I hope not!

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