Open letter to Ben Huberman (WordPress): Demise of Daily Prompts Aimless?

Open letter to Ben Huberman (WordPress): Demise of Daily Prompts
We are sad that the Daily Prompts are finishing.
Can you please send an email to all followers of this service suggesting reusing prompts from June two years ago?
This will mean that we can all literally start on the same page in the future.

Thank you
Alan Grace (New Zealand)

Please see Ben’s comment at the bottom of this post. Sadly the decision is final 😦

No more WordPress Daily Prompts

New Daily Prompt links promised broken
Accrued last prompts from past list token
Dry your sore weepy eyes
For Daily Prompt demise
Users dismissed resist heartbroken

Alan Grace
31 May 2018

Daily prompt: Broken

For ‘new’ prompts [re-]use June list from 2016 (all set up, ready to go):

Jun 2016


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  1. AlanGraceNZ says:

    Reblogged this on Alan's Anarchy: Daily Prompts and commented:

    Be open WordPress

    I hate hidden intention
    Did I forget to mention
    Be open please
    Users appease
    Put WordPress in detention

    Alan Grace
    17 June 2018


  2. Bodynsoil says:

    Will this act as the new site for Daily Prompt? I started last year but needed to stop to care for my mother and when I came back a few days ago I see it’s over.

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      Yes this works in exactly the same way as the previous Daily Prompt (same site). Other people are also starting other new daily prompts but this is the only site that uses the existing infrastructure.
      For prompts see:
      I look forward to getting a post from you 🙂


  3. I never thought they’d change their minds. This is where they’ve been heading and the end will probably be the websites end, too.. And that really IS depressing.

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  4. Ben Huberman says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts — one of my colleagues saw this post, and since it’s addressed to me I didn’t want to leave it unanswered. Asking people to “start over” from a specific prompt is an interesting idea, and if people decide to do so among their own blogging peers, that’s fantastic. But there are several reasons for which making this a more “official” solution won’t be practical, so I don’t foresee announcing this on our site.

    I want once again to thank you and everyone else from the Daily Post community for the outpouring of comments and feedback in the wake of our announcement last week. Our decision isn’t changing, but our team has been listening to the whole range of reactions we’ve seen — from the positive to the very negative — and they will definitely inform our work going forward.

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  5. Please add your comments to a WordPress forum post created by Judy Dykstra-Brown requesting WordPress reconsider its decision.

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      Thank you. I have just done this on
      ‘Hi. I find the Daily Post invaluable as a challenge and also to see what other members have to share/say about the same word. If it has to go (and I find it strange that WordPress has come to the decision to discontinue this), then perhaps the best route is to publish recycling the daily prompts from 2 years ago. See my open letter to Ben:
      Does anyone have an email address for Ben?’


  6. bobcb1896 says:

    That’s really a good idea. I think I’ll do that. Thanks

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      Great. I look forward to your posts 🙂


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