Social Media

Fine China detox

Please give me a reprieve
Nothing is up my sleeve
I’m on the rocks
I need detox
Social media leave

Alan Grace
2 May 2018

Daily prompt: Sleeve




Debbie Gravett

I look on in silence
As you tear into flesh
Shred each other’s souls
Attack colour and beliefs
Anything you can grab
Of total strangers
Judge, assume and SHOUT
My heart cringes and cries
At the hatred bared forth
My head shakes in disbelief
Hope fades a little more
I send a wish on the breeze
That we may bestow
Love, kindness and tolerance
To one another
See our differences
But not focus on them
To my fellow souls
Type not in anger
Nor for retaliation
Congregate with peace
Remember not all opinions
Need to be answered
Obliterate contempt
With the unexpected opposite

Debbie Gravett © 2018.04.25

Daily Prompt: Bestow
Image by Pixabay/geralt

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