Too much China drama from Sinorama

Too much China drama from Sinorama

Secure in the lure of adventure
Thoughts premature did not long endure
Lack of coordination
And poor communication
For sure disorganised nightmare tour

Alan Grace
19 May 2018

Daily prompt: Premature

I had a social media detox during my China trip. Now it’s time to detox from my China trip! The great price for the trip would have been better value with better coordination among the guides and better organisation.

We had three buses of passengers on our tour. Sadly a lack of cooperation and poor coordination between the guides meant passengers were kept waiting when they should not have been. Guides organised the trip for their own convenience rather than in the best interests of the passengers. Even on the last day there was only one trip to the airport for each bus. Our bus departure time to the airport was 9.40am. We were scheduled to fly out at 3.50pm. This would have meant a very long wait had we not been able to get an earlier flight to Hong Kong once we got to the airport. On the trip from Auckland I was in seat 45A and my partner in seat 45K (window seats on opposite sides of the plane).

One guide (Helen) was frequently late with her busload of passengers. This meant that passengers were kept waiting (e.g. to go back to the hotel when not booked for optional tours). Most passengers not booked on an optional tour were kept waiting on the bus for over half an hour for Helen to come to the bus. An extra bus would not solve this problem.

Our own guide (James) frequently extended the time for the group to meet. There was no one there when we met at the meeting point at the arranged time at the end of the Great Wall visit. The time had been extended considerably without our knowledge.

The passengers on our bus were great and the kids on board behaved very well.

Apart from about two couples and kids all the passengers were mainly over 40. The amount of walking each day was too much for many passengers. Two passengers in their eighties with limited mobility were told before leaning NZ that an optional mountain walk after a cable car ride would be ok for them. They had to wait at the top of the cable car for three hours for everyone else to return from the mountain walk and lunch.

The pre-departure crowded information meeting in Auckland contained information that was incorrect and/or not relevant to our trip. It would have been better o have had two separate meetings: one for the pax on the Yangtze river cruise and another for those whose tours did not include this.

Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City should never have been optional tours (i.e. there should have been no extra cost to visit these).

Some of the information in the itinerary was incorrect for optional tours. Lunch and dinner were twice mixed up.

Far too much walking and no return to hotel before evening events.


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