‘New’ June daily prompts: Juxtapose 2016 and 2018

Juxtapose 2016 and 2018 prompts

Try my proposed prompts for you too
More composed posts score you’ll accrue
Dry your sore weepy eyes
For Daily Prompt demise
Juxtaposed ’16 ’18 to

Alan Grace
20 May 2018

Daily prompt: Juxtapose

WordPress is stopping new Daily Prompts at the end of this month.

My [recycled 2016] proposed prompts for June are all set up, ready to go.
All that’s needed is your publicity and support to make this succeed.

Just [Re-]use prompts from two years ago in the same way as present.

For ‘new’ prompt list see: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/daily-prompts-stopped-prompts-for-june-2018/


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