Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Twenty Eighteen theme

No holds barred

Two WordPress settings in particular
Are both to my views perpendicular
Most headings ALL CAPS
Posts’ spreading fall craps
Break my heart atrioventricular

Alan Grace
20 November 2017

I do not like Headings in all caps and post headings in a large font size. Sadly most WordPress themes have the Site heading in all caps and the post headings appear to me at least twice the size they need to be. When you make the default heading size smaller in WordPress, the font initially appears large before being made smaller (each time the screen  refreshes).

It appears that no work is currently being done on the Twenty Eighteen WordPress theme. See email excerpt below and

Until I heard this I may have waited for the Twenty Eighteen theme. I have now changed the theme for my post to Editor. At least this theme has a link (tab) to the sidebar (particularly useful for viewing posts when not using a desktop machine). It may be useful in this theme to (have an option to) show the sidebar by default.



Daily prompt: Particular

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