My website and blog

My website and blog

My site and blog aren’t joined by epoxy
But by servers connected by proxy
Getting from one to the other
Like between mother and brother
May be seen to be done fairly foxy

Alan Grace
5 November 2017


I have been looking at setting up a new website (partially) using WordPress.

I have always liked frames, even when these were historically frowned upon.

It is great that WordPress allows its sites to be within frames/ iframes. i.e. a blog appearing within a webpage.

Have a look and see how I have done this.

I wanted to keep the blog separate from the website, hence the two WordPress sites. i.e. apart from this post, no obvious way of getting back to my website from my blog.

I was not going to publicise this yet (still under construction) but was prompted by today’s prompt 😉


Daily prompt: Proxy

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