NCEA mad math gremlins

NCEA mad math gremlins

My mind’s sailed into a tailspin
Don’t find me in the looney bin
Guess you won’t mind suggestions
Yes to solve bad math questions
Take away mad gremlins therein

Alan Grace
24 November 2017

This year the New Zealand NCEA Level 1 Maths exam (usually sat in Year 11) was claimed to be too tough.

Perhaps after all I do have some answers 😉

I have now posted my answers to two of the questions.

Please look at these posts:

Ode to faulty maths exam maker(s)
Any Math whizz may like to try this!

The gremlins making the bad math questions (maybe their managers and students as well) in this year’s NZ NCEA level 1 exam maybe need to read this book:


Below is the original Communication drawing:


Daily post: Gremlins

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