Einstein: Herr Biedermeier

Einstein created a one-way street.
Daily prompt: One-Way

Poesy plus Polemics

einstein “Albert Einstein” by Aaron Kizer

Using only the eyes of a beautiful mind
Through the lens of theoretical physics
He discerned mathematical expressions
Of existence, of power, of motion
He sought out among the heavenly orbs
For invisible forces that impel them
That arrange control of their synchrony
He imagined a rule-governed universe
Of interdependent elements captured
By one simple Grand Unified Theory
Whose equally simple equation would solve
Every What? Where? When? How? and Why?
Compelled by persistent unsleeping reason
Alas his astonishing intellect never
Did reach that one theory of everything

But in course his magnificent affluent failure
Revealed secret arcane apparatus of nature
Whose exposure forever altered all science
He found and stepped right through a powerful door
To an undulant space-time continuum
Treading upon the Lorentzian intervals
Challenging Minkowski symmetries
He discovered systemic distortions that pushed him
To reshape the world with his stunning
Theories of…

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