A black day

It was a black day when ads started appearing on my top screen in my blog (when I wasn’t logged in to WordPress). I had a minimal header and header post so that my latest post could be seen on the first page.

No ads here

It is really mean and obscene
Ads to insert on the chief screen
We’re keen to subvert
Every advert
So chief screen’s forever ad clean

Alan Grace
13 November 2017

Also see Transgressive ads.


I now have the final version (below) of my favourite poem there to avoid ads appearing on the first screen.

My cover page is now my second favourite “post”.



Is anyone else having this very annoying issue with the ads?

Daily prompt:  SELRES_5a448c6f-2951-40f1-9680-af14e3412b27SELRES_5a448c6f-2951-40f1-9680-af14e3412b27Black

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  1. I love it! The animation of the image is a clever idea. It works brilliantly.

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