Jun 29 Prompt: Tourist. Why is the city tourist angry? (an Acrostic)

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It is almost a month since WordPress stopped new Daily Prompts. Please see:

Open letter to Ben Huberman (WordPress): Demise of Daily Prompts Aimless?

Challenge (limit: about 100 words):
Write your own short story or poem containing as many June prompts as you can.
For my original attempt (with daily links) for the June prompts, see:

Here is my poem again (we can only reblog once) without the daily links:

Why is the city tourist angry? (an Acrostic)

He lacks a (moral) ______________ ?

Angry city tourist voyage

Connected Clouds smooth transformation
Open natural prophecy
Mountain fence deprives empty sky
Playful childhood companion
Awe- rebuild understanding
Summer- simplicity perfection
Struggle- embarrassing aimless purpose

Alan Grace
31 May 2018

The city tourist is angry because?
a) Daily Prompts have stopped.
b) He forgot something- what?
c) Daily Prompt Team forgot something. A Moral ________ (same answer).
d) Something else he forgot. What?
Clue: What word is missing in the poem from the June prompts?
e) All of the above.

Daily prompt: Jun 29 Tourist

I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts

Challenge (max 100 words).
Write your own short story or poem containing as many June prompts as you can.

Jun 2016

Jun 30 Clouds
Jun 29 Tourist
Jun 28 Water
Jun 27 Deprive
Jun 26 Fence
Jun 25 Prophecy
Jun 24 Voyage
Jun 23 Awe
Jun 22 Empty
Jun 21 Companion
Jun 20 Summer
Jun 19 Aimless
Jun 18 Perfection
Jun 17 City
Jun 16 Open
Jun 15 Natural
Jun 14 Struggle
Jun 13 Rebuild
Jun 12 Understanding
Jun 11 Simplicity
Jun 10 Mountain
Jun 9 Transformation
Jun 8 Embarrassing
Jun 7 Connected
Jun 6 Playful
Jun 5 Smooth
Jun 4 Childhood
Jun 3 Sky
Jun 2 Purpose
Jun 1 Angry


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