Jun 1 Prompt: Angry. Why is the city tourist angry? (an Acrostic)

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Why is the city tourist angry? (an Acrostic)

Angry city tourist voyage

Connected Clouds smooth transformation
Open natural prophecy
Mountain fence deprives empty sky
Playful childhood companion
Awe- rebuild understanding
Summer- simplicity perfection
Struggle- embarrassing aimless purpose

Alan Grace
31 May 2018

The city tourist is angry because?
a) Daily Prompts have stopped.
b) He forgot something- what?
c) Daily Prompt Team forgot something. A Moral ________ (same answer).
d) Something else he forgot. What?
Clue: What word is missing in the poem from the June prompts?
e) All of the above.

Daily prompt: Jun 1 Angry

Challenge (max 100 words).
Write your own short story or poem containing as many June prompts as you can.

Jun 2016




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