Is support for this Daily Prompt site an empty gesture?

Please aim to try harder

Do not exempt or tempt me
I am running more empty
War game is not drawn
For I’m not lame pawn
Let a better attempt see

Alan Grace
21 June 2018


Is support for this Daily Prompt site an empty gesture?

Thank you for showing support for this site. I like your ‘Likes’ 🙂
I have decided to continue for another week at least thanks to a couple of positive comments I have received.

I am glad one person has reblogged one post (my help page). Thank you 🙂
However it is disapppointing that only one of my followers has reblogged any of my pages.

I am reblogging several posts on my blog each day.
Great if you can reblog my Daily Prompt post to your blog for each day in return 🙂

There is no point making this site the best kept secret in the world.
The success of this site (blog) depends on all of you.

Please reblog my Daily Prompt announcements (purple) on to your blogs.
This is easy to do- just Click on the ‘Reblog’ button
(next to the ‘Like’ button) then Click on the blue
‘REBLOG POST’ button. My post will be reblogged on your blog 🙂

Please give it a try:)

We want thousands of users to know about this site.
I appreciate your help to do this.

This will help you grow your blog as well 🙂

I hope interest in the prompts grows.

Thank you for your support 🙂
I would also appreciate your suggestions for a new daily Post image.
You may soon get tired of the Keep Calm image?





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