ALL CAPS: Can you relate to this?

No holds barred

Two WordPress settings in particular
Are both to my views perpendicular
ALL CAPS heading
Tall fonts spreading
Break my heart atrioventricular

Alan Grace
20 November 2017
(modified 20 December)

Why can’t theme developers let us (the users) decide ourselves if we want our post headings and menu items in ALL CAPS?

Have you found it difficult to find a theme you like?

Have you found a theme only to see that the headings are in ALL CAPS or a very large font size?

The Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme almost did what I wanted, except headings for menu items and for posts were in ALL CAPS ūüė¶ I would have chosen this theme if there weren’t headings in ALL CAPS.

I am currently using the Twenty Fifteen theme even although I prefer the Date/Time stamp at the top of a post.

Previously I was using the Editor theme.

I have also used the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme and the Shoreditch theme.

My original theme (Highwind) is no longer available for new blogs.

Sadly anyone who does not like headings in ALL CAPS appears to miss out on 99% of WordPress themes.

Can you relate to this?

For my original wishlist see: Getting Started in WordPress.

Also See:


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