Twenty Eighteen Theme

My intention this morning was to have all my New posts appear in my new blog
Word Play … Work in Progress. I now realise this would not be wise.

The AAAmazing Phoenix

Twenty Eighteen Theme

Let’s start a conversation
From my WordPress workstation
Give me a clean
Twenty Eighteen
Theme without obfuscation

Alan Grace
2 January 2018

Daily prompt: Conversation

I am starting to doubt if there will ever be a Twenty Eighteen WordPress Theme.

I have been waiting (in vain) for the Twenty Eighteen theme so I could start my new blog.

From a WordPress Happiness Engineer in an email reply on 18 November:

Thank you for your input. Currently, there is not work being done on a Twenty Eighteen theme. When work begins on that theme, you’ll be able to contribute your thoughts on the Core forums. You can find more information about how this works at this link:

what’s on your wishlist?

Click on the tags at the bottom of this post to see what is on my wishlist.


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